Monday, January 2, 2012

The best of the best in 2011

Where did she go, you ask? I got the flu, then I worked some (simultaneously, of course), stayed sick and worked yet some more. I don't like the feeling of neglecting the blog, but I'll try to be a better writer and photographer in 2012!

Here's the post that I intended to post on new year's eve, but I forgot before I ran off to tuck my old ladies in - the three manicures I think I did best in 2011!

Jelly sandwich with New York Summer Phsyo with Essence Edward beneath the final coat of Phsyo. Original post, with more photos, here.

Kill it with fire! Flakie gradient with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over OPI Vodka & Caviar. Very hard one to be separated from once it wasn't all that fresh anymore. Original post here.

Buckled. Foil sandwich! The oxidized silver foil Your Royal Shine-ness from OPI, and beneath the thin top layer, a good coating of the large silver hexagonal glitter in Milani's Jewel FX Silver. Original post here.

I'll possibly be back with more yearly summaries soon.

Swedish word of the day:
bäst -adjective best
Yet another simple word with that weird umlaut.


  1. That foil sandwich is gorgeous <3

  2. I love the first one, freaking gorgeous! The last one kind of gives me the heebie jeebies though lol

  3. Agreed, I remember the first and last, but I missed the red flakie gradient! Those are amazing manis.

  4. Damn you have great pictures! Any tips?

  5. These are so beautiful!!! Love all of them! <3

  6. Out has come my Vodka & Caviar plus my Nubar 2010 (my sub for Sally Hanson Hidden Treasure). I missed this one also when you did your blog this past year on it. So very glad I caught it now and can tell everyone who comments on it, "I got the concept from my Swedish nail goddess!"

    Happy New Year...hope you are really over your ongoing bug. Maybe time for a trip to the Mediterranean for you (or my Swedish relatives used to get some company sponsored trips to the Baltic for sun and play in the middle of winter).

  7. Wow, the last manicure is pure awesomeness and I hope you are all right now


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