Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A quick one as I got absolutely zero good pictures of this beauty - Typhoon Lagoon from Brucci.

This one was really sheer, and I didn't layer it, which I in hindsight regret. I wore it just before Xmas, and honestly, I can't recall if I did three or four coats. All I remember was I did fairly generous coats as I discovered early on how sheer it was, and if I did only three, I should have done a fourth, as it still wasn't entirely opaque. Anyway, I had to go outside to get enough light to photograph it, and still 400 ISO was required, so it's all blurry and grainy, and to add on top of that: you know how my camera hates magenta! So the gorgeous magenta duochrome doesn't show very well in these photos. The sheer base is purple, and the shimmer shifts from blue or aqua to the magenta.

I wish I could show you Typhoon Lagoon in all its glory, but I can't, so I suggest you go check out One Inch Nails' post on the lacquer in question. This lady only has 36 Google followers and 53 RSS subscribers, which is a shame because she manages fantastic photos and has a set of claws that I would actually have intercourse with if possible - pardon the language.

Now I think I'll start working on the mandatory best of 2011 post, and until then... Feel free to say hi! (Because I've missed you.)

Swedish word of the day:
lagun -noun lagoon
So simple. So Swedish.


  1. Hej! Och tack för länkningen och dina fina ord! Jag satt precis och undrade över den plötsliga tillströmningen på min blogg, och här har jag svaret! Känner mig hedrad, och jätteglad. :D

    Sen vill jag passa på att säga att dina bilder på det här lacket är minst lika bra som mina!

  2. It reminds me on summer and see, so I would say it is super cool and beautiful color

  3. Hi! I thought for a while of posting just that, but it seemed a bit short, so happy to see you back, and thumbs up for your best of 2011 polish post (we didn't choose the same polishes, but I know how hard it is to put up such a post!)


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