Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wanna peek inside my drawers..?

Time for a new stash update, I think! Just so that you know what I'm going through every time I'm trying to pick a polish to re-manicure my nails. It's hell, let me tell you. This is what it looked like last time, little over a year ago, and this is now - sloppy but happy, as always with the alizarine.

Three Helmers these days. All drawers are labelled! It's just that thing, that I've moved stuff around without changing the labels... Also, I'm still a somewhat messy person. And this is still neat for me. I did some loose bottle tidying last week. And yes, my stash is still hidden away in my closet - my daughter calls it mom's nail polish room. If I ever get a bigger place, I'll have my own polish shangri-la room!

Stuff that holds honorary spots on top of the top Helmer. Some sets, some special ones, the silvery grey caps are my Nubar Moodies, the OPIs are my collection of Pawlish, and the old Nubar bottles are my jelly frankens. And more.

First Helmer, top drawer - weird angle because I'm really short - holds various treatments, tools and base and top coats. And, as you can see, my beloved no brand $0.99 cleanup pens. Yes, messy.

Second drawer: small collection of nail art stuff, and a gazillion wheels. I can barely close this drawer.

Thrird drawer: cardboard box holds frankens, by both myself and others, and in the back miscellaneous polishes to swap or give away, although I suspect some backup bottles made it there too.

Fourth drawer: untrieds drawer #1. Untried OPIs. Only. The untried China Glazes used to be in here too, but both brands didn't fit anymore...

Fifth drawer: untrieds drawer #2. Misc square-ish bottled brands. Essie, A England, Kiko, Viva La Diva, BB Couture (for men, evidently), LA Splash, LA Girl, Depend, Color Club, NYX Girls and Misa. Whew.

Sixth drawer: untrieds drawer #3. Misc brands with unconsistent bottle shapes. Yes, I'm sick like that. Lots of H&M, Wet n Wild, Sally Hansen, Claire's, Essence and Maybelline.

Second Helmer, top drawer: untrieds drawer #4. Misc, brands with five or fewer bottles. Yes, I'm THAT sick. Too many brands to count.

Second drawer: untrieds drawer #5. China Glaze, Sinful Colors, Models Own, Kleancolor, Nfu O, LA Color. All round bottled brands, it seems.

Third drawer: China Glaze. Packed. Need to get a second China Glaze drawer... Somewhere.

Fourth drawer: OPI. Full...

Fifth drawer: more OPI. Not yet full.

Sixth drawer: BB Couture and Nubar.

Third Helmer, top drawer: Nfu Oh, Orly, LA Girl, Kleancolor, Sinful Colors, New York Summer and some Mavala.

Second drawer: square bottle brands. Misa, Zoya, IsaDora, RBL.

Third drawer: more square bottles. Essie, Barielle, Color Club, Viva La Diva, and the box in the back holds those annoying, small Depend bottles (they just keep flying around if unboxed).

Fourth drawer: brands with unconsistent bottle shapes. Again! Yes, this is a recurring theme. Pretty much the same brands as in its equivalent untrieds drawer, with the addition of NYX and NYX Girls, because they keep changing the bottles.

Fifth drawer: miscellaneous brands that I own or have worn five or fewer from (yes! again!) - pricier brands. Though that's (apparently) very arbitrary.

Last drawer! Misc of five or fewer, less pricy brands. Evidently still as arbitrarily chosen as above.

That was all. Are you still alive?

As you can see, I really need a fourth Helmer. I'm going to make wishes to Santa this year. Also, I'm on the verge to reorganize. I have always been opposed to organizing by color, but now that I have way too many polishes, that seems like the smarter approach. What do you think? Do you stash by brand, color, or even bottle shape?

If you wish to see any of this a little more in-depth, like, a certain brand or color, like I have previously done with glitters and greens, just let me know and I'll see what my next stash documentation project will be. Just leave a comment.

Now I'm going to pass out.

Swedish word of the night:
överflöd -noun abundance


  1. OMG!!! Nail Polish-Porn!! :)
    May I help you try your untrieds??? :)

  2. Yay for stash pix!!
    I sort by color (I'm at about 1,000) because I go bonkers trying to do anything else!! Going by color, I can also choose to sort the bottles in a particular color drawer by bottle shape, by brand, by lightness/darkness of shade or even by finish o.O which I switch around, all the time! haha; I'm glad I had switched to color awhile back. It has made me feel far more organized :)

  3. Lol, FIVE helmer drawers of untrieds? And I'm fussing about my 70 untireds, haha. :D That's some awesome polish collection you got there! I don't sort. At all, because I don't have the right place for all of polish. And yes, it's starting to be a problem, they're everywhere in my room. *sigh*

  4. I stash by brand, but if I had your collection I'd probably switch to by color family :) by the way thanks for your awesome post. My husband thinks I have a polish problem, but compared to you, really, I'm quite normal :)

  5. Oh my god, you have so many polishes! Looking at pics of your drawers make me feel like a kid in a candy store :D

  6. I tried doing it by colour, but it drove me mad and it was hard finding anything. So brand for me.

  7. Impressive as hell and doesn't look that messy to me...but, well ya that's me, hahaha

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  9. Wooohoooo! Älskar alltihop!

  10. Thanks for posting! I was wondering if you could stack Helmers. Does the top one wobble around or do u have something under it to keep it solid and safely atop the other one?

  11. Oh my.. Your collection it's just incredible!!!
    I organize by color, I think is much easier to find some nail polish this way, but that's is just my opinion...
    You should try it ;)

  12. Oh dear, what a fantastic collection!!
    I store by brand - and I made the mistake to mix trieds and untrieds =:|

  13. I organize by color, because when I'm looking to actually do my nails I think "I need a shade of green" so I look in my greens... I don't think "I need an OPI ... " lol. Well, at least, not usually. Sometimes I'll already have a specific color in mind :P I find, if it is sorted by brand, then when I want a specific color I have to lift up each bottle until I find the right one. When I sort it by color, and I know the polish I want, I just go to that color drawer and look for bottle shape that I know that brand has, and it is fairly fast to pick it out :)

  14. Galet! ;) Jag har gott om plats för mina än så länge. Sorterar efter märke och lite efter formen.

  15. Nail polish heaven!
    I sort my bottles after color. Seems to be a bit less common. It's much prettier sorted by brand but I need to have them by color.

  16. Wow! You have such a nice collection, I'm in awe! I sort mine out by color and mix the untrieds with the ones I've already worn. I hope santa gets you a new Helmer!

  17. Om jag ska hitta det jag söker måste jag ha det organiserat efter märke. Det är så jag minns. :D

  18. It's insane how big your collection is, but what is REALLY insane is how many of them are untried. Seriously, if I had so many OPIs I'd grow another hand and keep trying them on until I pass out. :D

  19. Thanks. This kind of post always helps me. I am with you on organizing by brand. I tried color and I just never found nor used a lot of the things because I don't do that much nail art. I think color works better if you start out that way AND are reaching for colors based on what you need for nail art. As far as the little off shape bottles, those are ones a) I avoid buying a lot of the time and b)end up giving away the fastest.

  20. Wowie! I'm still trying to get over this post :D

  21. Ah, I love looking through other peoples collections!! :D Such a fun post!! ^-^

  22. Thanks so much for posting this! I desperately need a second helmer but wasn't sure if I could stack them on top of each other. Are they stable?

  23. I sort by color because when I'm thinking about changing my mani I consider what color to wear next. Although this month I pulled out all the xmas colors (about 50) and really enjoyed having those handy. I might do that each month because it was really nice to see them.

  24. Hello Lovely,

    Feel Free to check out and enter my Christmas blog giveaway at:

    Have a lovely Christmas and ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)

    -Mia xoxo

  25. I think I'm finally ready to get my first Helmer... %) Or two... ;)
    Can you tell me how many OPI bottles fit in a drawer? Thanks a lot!

    Or may be three Helmers...

  26. Sorry for another comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the VBA: xx

  27. Jag sorterar efter färg. Fungerar bäst för mig då jag främst målar nail art och väljer lack efter vilken färg jag behöver.
    Åh vad jag önskar att jag hade alla dessa lack!! Sitter och dreglar över dina bilder.. Själv är jag strax uppe i 200 lack tror jag och vänner och familj klagar på mängden. Ska nog visa dem ditt underbara inlägg så kanske de tänker om ;)

  28. I have to rid myself of a couple pieces of furniture and get my Helmer's - but in counting, unless I start a blog and do a huge blog sale, I need WAY more than 6 Helmers just to hold the polish - not even the supplies. I think it's time for an intervention!


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