Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This can not wait any longer! Just look at it! Misa Phazers on Stunning, from the latest collection.

Oh yeah baby. Three well spent coats of absolute fantastic greatness and superiority. Scrangie was right when she reviewed this one, it's the star of the collection, perhaps even the star of all fall collections. No, the star of all this year's releases.

This is something I've been waiting on for so long. It's not my dream polish, but it has the same colors. I love it for the same reasons I love Brucci Black Emerald. Simply because it has a green to red duochrome. I love duochromes more than any finish, and I especially love this color combination. The red isn't very prominent in my photos, but it's there, I promise. Third photo from the top is the most true one. Like the Brucci, this shade doesn't kill my hysterical long time vvvvvvvvvhtf lemming for that old Make Up Store polish, but it's a great consolation.

And added, those pretty silver flecks, just like the ones in the best release from OPI this year (or was it last year?), Not Like the Movies. Duochrome with silver flecks. Mmm. It's a winning recipe.

Swedish word of the day:
rödgrön -adjective red and green
You know how Swedes love putting words together.


  1. It's perfect, I agree. I felt the green shift to brown, not red, though, when it was on my nails. I want red too! ;) It's a gorgeous one, really, Misa did an excellent job with it.

  2. Som vanligt får du mig att vilja ha alla lack du visar. Jag trodde från början jag ville ha detta, sen såg jag olika swatcher och tänkte nej, kanske inte, men nu är det JA igen!

  3. Oh, Lordy, that is one stunning polish/color. That looks awesome on your long nails!

  4. O.O Holy awesomesauce! WOW!!! That is crazy beautiful!

  5. Den SKA bli min! Kanske får skynda sig innan den blir utsåld överallt dock.. :O

  6. Åh vilka fina bilder! PoS finns i min Helmer, väntar på mig :-)

    Jag läste ditt inlägg om Brucci et al, och blev lite avundsjuk igen. Ytterligare ett lack att lägga till lemming.listan!

    Och, om du vill börja läsa medicin, go ahead girl! Du kommer inte att ångra dig, det är världens bästa yrke :-D

  7. Love this colour... it's a perfect khaki colour for autumn



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