Monday, October 17, 2011

Readers' choice: A suspicious comparison...

OPI The Muppets are already on shelves pretty much around the world, but a late comparison can't hurt - this one requested by Fairy Lélie. Check it out to see how well founded Lélie's suspicions were...


No? What, then?

At one coat each - same base color.

And at three coats for full opacity:

And side by side to clear out any questions:

Slight differences? Yes. But pretty much redundant ones? Yes.

To the left is Meep-Meep-Meep from The Muppets, and to the right is Let Me Entertain You from last year's Burlesque. So, the base color is identical, and the color shift of the particles are pretty much identical, but the particles of Meep-Meep-Meep are coarser, and a little more "plastic" - I personally don't think they qualify as classic glassfleck, but you may feel differently about this - while I tend to categorize the particles in Let Me Entertain You as more foil like. However, that's not really visible. What you can probably tell though, is that the coarser particles of Meep-Meep-Meep sits a bit more inside the polish, while the ones in Let Me Entertain You stays more on top.

If you're not a big collector of shades like these, you don't need both. Personally, if I'd go with just one of them, I'd pick Let Me Entertain You, as it is a bit more reflective and most of all: does not eat topcoat like Meep-Meep-Meep does.

Swedish word of the day:
tvilling -noun twin
I guess these are.


  1. Thank you for the comparison, I had been wondering how they compared myself. I love these shades so I was tempted when I saw Meep Meep Meep, but I won't bother now, I have Let me Entertain You and I agree I totally don't need both!

  2. Very nice comparison. It's a shame I already have Meep Meep Meep on the way and also have Let me entertain you from last year..

  3. Thanks for this post. I can skip Meep Meep Meep :)

  4. Onekligen väldigt lika! Jag är glad att jag har Meep-meep-meep på väg hem till mig, trots att det äter överlack. Det heter ju liksom Meep-meep-meep!

  5. Thanks for this! I still want Warm & Fozzie... But everything else can stay on the shelf. :)

  6. Oh snap! Looks like I'll just end up trying to find LMEY because eating top coat is no bueno! OPI always makes me laugh :P

  7. Being a huge fuchsia fan, I grabbed Meep-Meep when I was out of my home area in the 'big city' for medical junk last week (we still don't have Muppets at the one place within 60 mile rage of my home that sells OPI). I have been a big fan of Let Me Entertain You and thought M-M-M was brighter - now I see it's not...but I think you really got it about M-M-M having something plastic and bumpy in it vs. the more refined look of last yrs. LMEY. I was sad OPI did not put LMEY into the classic line. All in all, I am not that big of fan of the Muppets this yr. Your great photos you got out super early however gave me the warning that the glitters were not going to be what I was looking for in a great glitter. I know folks are going nuts for them anyway and as predicted the hot sellers are in the glitters - Rainbow Con, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, & Divine Swine according to 3 stores I stopped in in the area north of downtown Los Angeles, CA - USA. Thanks for the heads up that LMEY eats top coat. I find anything that has a lumpy or rough finish eats my top coats - also it's not my 'thing' at all to like rough nails - I am a super fan when they can get a glass like finish and still have holos, sparkle, fleck and all in them. I did buy 8 bottles of LMEY last year as I had a feeling that would be an all time fuchsia fav of mine - it's a great winter fuchsia when both Pompeii Purple and Flashblub Fuchsia seem too bright/summery & yet I need a fuchsia fix! Thanks for the great comparison.

  8. Thanks for the comparison! I already have Let Me Entertain You so I'll be passing on Meep Meep Meep. I think I like the finish of LMEY more anyway! :)

  9. Jag tycker det är närmast pinsamt av OPI att släppa två så lika lack så nära inpå varandra. LMEY räcker absolut för min del.

  10. Oh waouh, I know you're very busy with work, I didn't expect my request to be answered that quickly, thank you so much!! I'm happy to see my intuition was right, though I have to say, to my shame, that I didn't wait for this confirmation to add MMM in my last OPI order. I don't regret it, either it'll be an extra bottle of a colour I adore (I even bought Zoya Alegra some months ago without clearly realising that it was a dupe of LMEY) or I'll sell it while the Muppets hype is still hot! Thanks again for this, I hope it'll be useful for many people (be it only as a reminder that OPI - though a great brand - can be guilty of recycling!!)

  11. Wonderful colors thanks for share, i really don't care about painting my nails in any color, I just went to the high school everyday and dress kind of crazy.


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