Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super glitter nova

I never have sun when I want it. That's why this post about Essie Super Bossa Nova contains none. But it does contain brightness!

Had my camera been cooperative with all colors, you would have been able to see that the shimmer (which is kind of coarse in a weird way), is blueish. It could perhaps be labeled glassfleck. Regardless, it's very pretty. As you all know I'm not big on anything within the pink color family, except for bright fuchsias or neons, and this shade fits the first description. Does the fuchsia have a blue cast, I'm all over it. This was two coats. Not the watery and poorly pigmented Essie formula I'm used to at all.

Then I was bored and inspired at the same time. Some of you girls do such pretty layering combinations, and I wanted to try some myself. So I brought all the matching glitters I could find among my untrieds, and ended up like this:

Cute, heh? I'm not positive what's been added, but I'm sure there's one coat of OPI I Lily Love You, and one of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuchsia. I also added one coat of a sheer blue glassfleck from one of H&M's summer collections, a shade known as Blue Wave, but it kind of disappeared on camera. Is there anything else? If so, it escapes me right now.

It didn't seem to dry fast enough though, so I thought "be gone!" within the drying time frame and just wiped it all off. After all, this is not a very alizariney manicure. But it was fun trying out.

Swedish word of the day:
glitterbomb -noun glitter bomb
Again with the putting words together. So simple.


  1. OMG I love that layering so much! Beautiful! :D

  2. Bossa Nova is such a great shade. I feel in love with it from a photo of the bottle and when I got it - surely did not disappoint. Great shade to pull out and do your toes in the middle of dark winters to brighten up your mind.

  3. That is a beautiful combination! Very nice glitter, too...I have to get some of those Kleancolor polishes! OH, I just re-read and noticed you put more than one glittery polish on top! WOW!

  4. Such a beautiful shade!! Loved it! :)

  5. Such a pretty pink. I love the layering!

  6. I love your nails I think are simple perfect. My sister always wants to paint my nails, but she doesn't know any about... and what I get is a disaster in my hands.


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