Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My darling, my love

Tonight you're getting many pretty pictures, but not many words. I'm ridiculously tired, I'm not even sure of my name. And I gotta get up early tomorrow, watching my first surgery! Will be fun.

Really want to show you an awesome sweet swap package I got the other day, from a lovely gal in the US. She provided me with tons of lemmings- and created new!

First up, the primary reason I contacted my new swap buddy. Megan over at Little Music Boxes made me go on an immediate swap hunt after posting her Scherer Chameleons.

Calypso and Blue Sky.

My swapper also immediately suggested a bunch of polishes I was looking for, that she happened to have at hand! Icing Black Out, Nina Ultra Pro Purple-Xing, and Sally Hansen Emerald City.

As if this wasn't enough, she sent an overload of awesome extras.

Essence Check Me Out and Rock It, Baby!

And my first Brucci polishes: Explosive Meteorite, Typhoon Lagoon, and Black Emerald.

Black Emerald!

Like some yankees I know of would say: OHMAHGAW!

Look at eet. LOOK!


In the shadow...

...and indirect sun.

This color... I couldn't believe my eyes when I first examined the bottle after opening my package. A blackened green and red duochrome! Green and red duochrome.

Sorry about that. I just get a little carried away whenever I think of it. You see, I have heartbreaking memories of an old Make Up Store polish, back when they had those square bottles that also MAC used to have. My friend had this special polish, and I borrowed it. I have never owned it myself and it breaks my heart. It wasn't blackened, but it was a green and red duochrome. I think if that polish a lot. Of how it has actually been on my nails, and how I can't ever find it now, how all hope is gone. And then this. It's not the same, but it's a worthy rebound dammit.

And my first ever tried on Brucci. I'm so happy, so happy. I will even forgive the bubbles and the hard to dry formula. I will. It doesn't matter. Not even knights in shining armors are flawless.

And for those of you wondering where my regular style NOTD photo is, here, you can have it. But be careful. And consider yourselves warned.

Oh, PS: I'm trying larger sized photos. Tell me what you think. And yes, you should click them to get the most out of the viewing experience. :)

Swedish word of the night:
kirurgi -noun surgery
Because I'm psyched about my first live watching!


  1. You are such a lucky girl! I can't find Scherer Chameleons anywhere!!

  2. love the Scherer Chameleons. Brucci black emerald is so devine :)

  3. Ja, det var verkligen en liten skatt i det paketet. Jag skulle inte säga nej till något men Black Emerald kommer förevigt vara en lemming för mig nu. Den var galet vacker.

  4. Calypso, and Typhoon Lagoon look great!

  5. Oh my, oh my... beauties!!! You surely deserve them all! =)
    I'd like to watch a surgery too.

  6. oh please TELL me I did not get thrown in this bunch of "yankees" you're referencing!!!!!!! But seriously these are SO pretty. Those chameleons and the typhoon lagoon. amazing!

  7. Sorry about creating lemmings girls... I hope you can all somehow get your hands on what you want! :)

    nihrida: It was so... SO ... SOOOOOO awesome! I mean... I can't stop thinking about it! surgery is like a drug! I gotta try get into med school after all... Damn that giving up on dreams shit!

    Scandalous: You know you're not a yankee honey! ;) You southern belle!


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