Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Green Opal

Today, another one I really liked recently, from the latest Barielle release: Green Opal.

Two coats. Not as problematic a formula as Barielle are sometimes known for. Thank God! Macros of these types of shades always looks like shit, but at least take my word for the gorgeousness of this one. Although, I might of course be a bit biased, as I'm always partial to golden green shades.

I wore this manicure for several days, as the wear was way begtter than I usually have with most brands. Paired with my Nail Tek Citra base and INM Out the Door topcoat, some polishes last what to me seems like a lifetime, relatively.

A dear friend of mine tweeted something about a polish which was green and pink, and though it turned out my imagination of her words was something completely else than intended, I pursued my own vision, and topped off Green Opal with a rather generous coat of the sheer LA Girl Scandal, from the Rock Star line. The lighting that day was horrific and my photos turned out like shit, but I want to show them anyway so you get the idea, because I loved it.

Terrible macro, I know, but you may also enlarge the first photo.

Yeah, I like the golden greens. Remember this comparison? I'm thinking of redoing it. I of course have even more lacquers in the same color family by now. Should I?

Swedish word of the day:
antikguld -noun antique gold
Love 'em.


  1. Green Opal is a perfect name for that polish. I love it!

  2. This is really pretty! :D

  3. What a gorgeous polish! When I hear green and pink I think Alessandro Green Green Baby - which is triple starred on my wanted list :D Funky greens in general are just the best.

  4. Oh wooooow ♥ this is a great color

  5. This is a great one - I better go look at the shades offered now at Barielle - have not been to their site for a month or two.

  6. Please do a comparison.
    I´m so into green nail polish and would love to own each available olive hue.


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