Thursday, March 18, 2010

Greenish gold comparison

You wanted the best, you got the best! The hottest nail polish color in the world- golden greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeens...!

Sorry about that. But let's get down to business. Here is my current stash of greenish golds, or golden greens, but actually, more greenish golds in this case. I have narrowed the color selection down, and now they are all in the same group. That means no greens with heavy gold shimmer. Only greenish gold shimmers! The contestants:

Maybellines- Khaki Fringe and Golden Khaki.

Much beloved OPIs- Greenwich Green and At Your Quebec & Call.

And the miscs- China Glaze Cat's Eye, Ciaté Golden Globe, and Revlon Street Wear Burnt.

First, let's see the mandatory one coat shot!

You can already tell there is going to be an opacity problem here. Therefore, I applied four coats of most, except the Ciaté and the Revlon.

Fully painted, in flash:

Fully painted in daylight:

...and in sun:

The darlings are:
16. China Glaze Cat's Eye
17. Maybelline Khaki Fringe
18. OPI Greenwich Green
1. Maybelline Golden Khaki
2. Revlon Streetwear Burnt
3. OPI At Your Quebec & Call
4. Ciaté Golden Globe

Golden Khaki is a truly weird color. The base is a greyish green-brown sorta weird... thing. It was still sheer at four coats. The China Glaze is also very sheer, but that could be due to old age- it is very thin and runny, hardly thicker than water. The Revlon and the Ciaté on the other hand, were both pretty good already at two coats. But I did three just to be almost consistent. And I know, the Streetwear is a bit of an oddball in this bunch, it is actually a green with gold shimmer, but it was close, so I let it in!

My absolute favourite is At Your Quebec & Call. Actually, it could be my favourite OPI of all time, too. I have a very needy relationship with this polish, I treasure it like it was my second daughter! The Ciaté is very dupish, though, so if you have trouble finding the OPI, you can always get the Ciaté instead- or if you're just to lazy to paint the four coats and would rather settle for two.

Needless to say, I have a deep and eternal love for shades like these. I am always on the hunt for more. This is a color I do not hesitate to get from ebay, and on this treacherous site I finally hunted down both the Maybellines, OPI Greenwich Green, and the Revlon Streetwear.

Swedish word of the evening:
älskling -noun darling
Because these are.


  1. Greenish gold is my favourite colour :D

  2. I'm drooling over Ciaté Golden Globe

  3. There's one missing in your stash - La Femme Egyptian Gold! =)

  4. nihrida: Don't you think I happened to notice that one? ;)

  5. YOMG, greatest comparison evar. They are beautiful.

  6. I recently discovered your blog and you've already become a bad, bad influence on me. When I saw the new NYX Girls polishes on your blog, I just knew they had to be mine. BTW, I have some of these beauties (OPI AYQ&F; Maybelline KF and the Steetwear) - all purchased on Evilbay. You might want to check out Revlon Moss. It's so pretty!

  7. Elena: LOL, sorry to have that effect on you (and your wallet, I guess!), but I'm glad you like my blog. :) And thank you for the tip, I'm unfamiliar with Revlon Moss, gotta check it out!

  8. Great comparisons! I hadn't realised there were so many greeny golds out there. Oddly the only one I have is prob. the most HTF, Streetwear Burnt. I had the Ciate but gifted it without swatching.

  9. I want Cat's Eye! =( It's the perfect color of cat's eyes. Thanks for the comparisons.

  10. ciaté's golden globe has an exact dupe in La Girl metallic : it's "antique gold". same color, same consistancy

  11. Great comparisons, would you say Ciate Golden Globe is like China Glaze Peace on Earth?

  12. ...and just like that I am in love with Revlon Burnt. I must possess it NOW. That is possibly the most beautiful dark green ever.
    Thanks for the comparisons!


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