Saturday, January 21, 2012

Northern Lights

So, I have shown you INM Northern Lights before, but I gathered some more pictures of it in different combinations to post, just to get it over with - after all, I have used up about 1/3 of my bottle because it's just a feckin' awesome go-to sparkle top coat. I actually like the fast drying properties of it as well, not to mention the wear. If I put it over a color, with Nail Tek Citra as my base, it will last me through at least one work shift, and you know by now what I do for a living, right?

Regretfully, all these photos are shot at night. I have done most of my Northern Lights manicures before leaving for work, and know by now what shift I do, right?

First, here's Northern Lights over OPI I Vant to Be a Lone Star.

First, the OPI here... I decided to use it with Northern Lights because the finish is so incredibly shitty. Frosty. I knew I'd never wear it with a regular clear topcoat. Secondly, the OPI again... Specifically, the name. I just don't get it. I. Don't. Get. It. What the hell is "Vant" a play on? Does it mean something? Suzi is just too American for us int'l peeps these days.

The next one is really fabulastic. I loved wearing it. Northern Lights over New York Summer Hot Atomic Red.

Hot Atomic Red is a jelly, and, of course, red, so the color appears quite differently in different lights. This photo is evidently shot with flash, but I took this manicure to work too, and I couldn't stop looking at it all the time because it changed so much, ranging from a pinkish hue to warm red. I love jellies, they are everything but boring!

Last, a bit of a shocker for you: the alizarine wearing a french!

Yep, it's true. I did a french manicure. Freehand. Honestly, my first successful freehand french. Not that I really did a lot of practising before... Originally, I just did a quick coating of Northern Lights, like I often do before going to work, but I just couldn't stand how stained my nails were, so I had to do something. I grabbed my bottle of Essie Marshmallow, and this is how it turned out. Not bad for someone who never does french manis. If I may say so myself. And I do. Unfortunately, you can still tell my nails were yellow.

Anyway, this is how much I love INM Northern Lights. I'll try not to post a gazillion more combinations, so I'm sorta hoping this is the last time you see it on this blog.

Oh, and the final vote is in. You're getting a China Glaze theme week soonish.

Swedish word of the day:
hallonsvamp -noun raspberry mushroom
Not as gross as it sounds - it's a popular type of Swedish candy, and it's in my mouth at this moment.


  1. I love the combination of Northern Lights and I Vant to Be a Lone Star!

  2. Great job on the French! It looks awesome with Northern Lights.

  3. In the film Grand Hotel, Greta Garbo famously said, "I want to be alone," which is often quoted complete with accent (or a rubbish impression of it!) as "I vant to be alone". What (vhat?) this has to to with Texas is beyond me, although I suspect it is just OPI reaching for their increasingly desperate and torturous puns.

    Love the blog by the way, you always take such beautiful pictures.

    1. Thanks for the explanation, Caroline! I'm not really big on classics, so I had totally missed out on that. Also, as a Swede, I of course despise the misinterpreted Swedish accents. ;) My generation speaks Americanized and rather well pronounced English. And thank you for the praises!

  4. Beautiful!! I love how it looks over the light blue! :D

  5. They are all lovely, but I think my favorite mani is the OPI one, even though their name is really bizarre. Thanks for the great humor, too!

  6. Nice polishes. The french looks great too.

  7. Vant is a bad play on what Suzi/OPI was taking from a stereotype Greta Garbo or maybe even a tish Russian, but again a play on a Garbo roll playing a Russian or a German was what they were going for with Vant....meaning WANT....I also think they (OPI) thought it would come off sounding cleverly sexy, vs. for example "I WANT you,' more sexy to say in American english - 'I Vant you.' Certainly it's not Garbo doing her native language...but they never did let her sound Swedish at all. Don't think it was until we had Ingrid Bergman, that Hollywood thought it would fly with audiences to let her Swed accent come through.

    Very good for your non practiced free-hand Fr. Mani! I always found the forms to be more bother than just holding the brush still over the finger tip and rolling my fingers..a bit tricky for some, but I got pretty used to doing it when French and Am. Manis were all the get out late 90's early 2000's.

  8. The first combo is my favorite but the french also looks cool on you :)

  9. Can you believe I do not have Northern Lights? *smack head* I'm getting it now!!!!!

  10. I love the look of french manicures, I just hate how they can accent any little differences between your nails (such as how it makes your pinky nail look so much longer than the rest). It always looks strange because my nails have very different shapes.


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