Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Super herpes

This is a horrible post photo-wise. Still, I wanted to show you this carcinogenous herpes manicure. Teehee. I got the few OPI Nicki Minaj colors I ordered a while back, and this is what I did with Super Bass Shatter: anything but craziness is a no-no for me when I use crackles these days. I'm bored with just crackle on basic creme, and love applying them over glitters. The more insane, the better. So, on top of Color Club Backstage Pass, it's just as nasty as can be.

iPhone photo. Sorry about that, but none of my standard photos came out decent.

Like this one...

Anyway, I applied one very generous coat of Backstage Pass over a standard black creme, and then a coating of Super Bass Shatter, which is a plum leaning purple shimmer. Isn't it horrible? It's just that I feel shimmer crackles are so busy in themselves, so I have to make the look even more busy to justify using it.

If you by any chance would like to see Backstage Pass prior to the crackle application, here are a couple of photos:

It looks terrible alone like this. It's a cool idea, but it looks prettier in the bottle than it does on. I couldn't find any use for it other than in the crazy crackle manicure. Also, removing this was like getting rid of Satan without the help of Max von Sydow.

About the theme week poll (to the right in the side bar!), it now looks like OPI is winning by a landslide, so if you would like to see something else than a bulk of OPI posts, make sure to vote - you only have one day left!

Swedish expression of the day:
venerisk sjukdom venerial disease
You just never know when you might need this phrase.


  1. I think that's a perfect description for this mani! The colors are great but the large hex glitter does kinda look like the herpes virus. LOL

  2. omg LOVE this glitter! looks great

  3. lmao! Oh the title of this mani... haha!

  4. I like the glitter!! :D XD

  5. I actually like Backstage Pass, it looks cool and so heavy metal, over black :P

  6. Lol your name for this post is hilarious! And I liked the combo before the shatter, personally.

  7. I love the name of this mani, I Love how it looks even though I am NOT a big crackle fan! Very cool effect over glitter. I love glittery and blingy, flashy manis also, hehehehehehe. I can never "leave well-enough alone"

  8. "Also, removing this was like getting rid of Satan without the help of Max von Sydow"!!! Haha!

  9. I agree - this Shatter was good in concept but it lets down big time in use. I really am ready for the shatter/crackle phase to be relegated to the teens only. Most of the time they just wreck a great mani.


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