Monday, January 23, 2012

China Glaze I: Lasso My Heart

Theme week! Just when I thought the battle had been won by OPI, you voted China Glaze all the way to the top. And just to make this a little less predictable, you probably won't see many newly released China Glaze colors during this theme week. I'll begin with a shade from one of my favourite collections, which was released in 2008. From Rodeo Diva, I give you Lasso My Heart.

Look! Bleak, Swedish winter sun!

Three coats. Some of you would be content with only two, but know. Me. This rosy color has a purple base, warmed up enough by the gold shimmer to knock it up to a slightly more pinkish hue. In some lights it's definitely purple, but in others it's almost ...grannylike. Rosy. A dark rose, sure, but still. This is what makes me hesitate if I really like this polish all that much, because, even though the color itself is stunning, I'm not sure it looks all that awesome on me.

My mind started to wander around in my stash, and I was trying to recall if I have anything else like Lasso My Heart. I don't, but here's a quick comparison to a couple of gold struck purple shades I have just to shed some light on its constitution.

In the absence of sun, how about some flash light? To the left is OPI Meet Me On the Star Ferry, and to the right is Peel Me a Gobi Grape from the same brand. Lasso My Heart of course in the middle. Not that any of these are all that close, but perhaps, if one's generous, one may conclude that Lasso My Heart is what you'd get if you crossed the two others. But that's being very forgiving.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the first post of the China Glaze theme week - I hope to be back with more tomorrow!

Swedish words of the day:
mormor -noun [maternal] grandmother
farmor -noun [paternal] grandmother
Swedes try not to get them mixed up.


  1. Oh, I'm excited - this is of course my favorite brand and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us, I'm sure you have some awesome ones! This is one of my favorite collections, too - I'm only missing Branding Iron to have them all. So close!

  2. Gorgeous!! I also really like Peel Me a Gobi Grape! :D

  3. This color is one of my favorite from this brand and it looks absolutely stunning on you

  4. Fint! Tycker den passar bra till din hudfärg :)

  5. I came to this CG collection late as was not following CG shades then - we had no where to buy them local. Now playing catch up (and reading blogs) I had to start getting a # of shades in this collection. It certainly is a good one. My toes are bare from last night's soak and leaving them sans polish - so I just think I am going to get out this shade and do my toes in it. It's perfect for right now - bling but not bling that reminds me of holiday.

  6. Vad fint det här lacket var på dig! Lacket i sig är ju också väldigt fint förstås, men det ser inte ens i närheten så bra ut på mig.


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