Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rays of Blue - two by two?

Here's a gorgeous one from Essence, that I got from my beloved friend Roze, who lives in the Netherlands - Blue Ray. It's part of the Holografics collection (the one that isn't at all holographic, but duo- and multichrome), and, dare I say, maybe the most tempting one of them. Of course my pictures turned out shitty, but here they are anyway.

I believe this is three coats, like so often when I hold the brush. I tried what I always do, to find the actual base color, but it's sometimes so hard to tell with a rich duochrome without using a microscope! Though, I believe the base is close to blue, and the multichrome shimmer flashes from teal via blue to purple, but of course my camera didn't pick up on that.

Still, a very satisfying one, this. If you get the chance - pick it up.

Swedish word of the day:
videobandspelare -noun video cassette recorder
Pretty far from Blu Ray.


  1. I got this one from my friend Kati in the Netherlands... Love it!

  2. This reminds me of OPI's Austin-tatious Turquoise a bit, though it doesn't come out as duo as yours does. I wish we sold more Essence here in the US!!

  3. This is even more hilarious, guess which polish that stands before me?

  4. These are very, very hard to photograph... I had a hard time trying to pick up their multichrome-ness...
    The best lighting was yellow/artificial one :/
    But the polish is sooo lovely <3


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