Monday, August 15, 2011

Readers' choice: GOSH Green Hawaii

Time for another reader request! This week it's another one Rebecca would like to see: GOSH Green Hawaii.

Three coats. Shimmery green base with lots of holographic glitter. The base itself tends to be a bit sheer like these greens often are, but combined with the glitter, it gains reasonable opacity at this level - if you're still not comfortable with very slight see-through free edges, you may just layer it over something similar.

So, this is what Green Hawaii looks like. Just borderlining a little too herpes-y looking for my taste, but it's still good.

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Swedish word of the day:
paradisö -noun paradise island
I suppose Hawaii is one.


  1. I love wearing this shade, it's so perfect for summer! :)

  2. This green is so gorgeous! Love the glitters mixed in with it. Since I don't have it is there a dupe from another brand? :)

  3. Makes me think of candy and ice cream :)

  4. rmcandlelight: I'm not aware of one, I guess the closest you'll get is one of the China Glaze glitters - maybe it could be frankened somehow?

    If any readers have any recommendations, be sure to post them here! :)


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