Friday, August 12, 2011


No post last night! Terrible me. I got a little side gig in the political division, writing for a large Swedish political blog, so I spent my free time on that, before rushing off to work. But I'll try to be better, and never fail this blog - at least not more than necessary.

This is a sweet one I got from my dear sister nihrida: Purplelized, from Catrice.

Three coats. Smoky purple metallic foil sorta. Very lovely, very metal. You can tell from the pictures the color changes depending on surrounding light, in the shadow you can tell it's a rather cool purple, while the sun gives it a warmth that actually isn't really there, on a particle level.

Thank you, Saša! [heart]

Swedish word of the day:
fika -noun, -verb to have coffee
I'm meeting up with an ex-colleague for some soon.


  1. Oh your lucky dogs to have Cantrice polish available to you there. We so want to get it here in the USA. So many amazing shades and I hear such good things about formula, etc. Maybe someday they will find their way to market in the states. I know the UK they are not marketing to yet either. This is a super color - great pictures too - thanks so much!

  2. Can I ask which political blog youo wrote for? It would be intresting to get to know another side of you.

  3. Oh, wow! It looks even better on your nails than it looks in the bottle. Yep, I like it. =D And you're welcome, honey! :*

  4. WOW!!
    I just discovered your blog and I loved it! I've become a follower and I've also added this blog to my blogroll, that's how much I liked it!
    If you want to visit my humble virtual abode, check me out at:

  5. Gosh, you make it look so beautiful. I always pass it up as "not interesting". I think I have to take it home with me next time I see it.

  6. Wow! I wonder how similar that is to RBL Catherine. Very pretty!

  7. Yum, this is a gorgeous color!

  8. Sooo pretty! I wish we had Catrice in North America...


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