Monday, June 7, 2010

Glitters IV

Tonight some members of very tiny collections: gold, yellow and orange. Click to enlarge photos.

Claire's Chunky Gold.

NYX Girls Yellow Glitter, NYX Rainbow Sparkle, Nfu Oh 43.

Nubar Moodies Red Sparkle To Orange Sparkle, Color Club Abracadabra.


  1. You are killing me here woman!

  2. Why don't I ever see glitter on your nails? XD

  3. Oh Abracadabra! *funderar på att köpa*

  4. stop making me actually think glitters are pretty. its an evil lie

  5. Why doesn't my bottle of Abracadabra look like that? Mine is all separated :(

  6. Evil Angel: Right back at ya. ;D

    nihrida: Because they are usually a PITA to remove? ;D

    felixfelis: Kan du fatta att jag inte ens använt min ännu? xD

    Scandalous: They are all purrtyyy and you knowz eeeeeeet! lol

    Rebecca: Shake it woman. ;) Yes, I'm a shaker. Many glitters separate like crazy (so does most other polishes too of course), but I just shake 'em... Shake it like there's no tomorrow! The bubbles will settle- if they even occur! :)

  7. Du är galen människa! Men jag förstår dig, du har ju några flaskor. Jag har inte ens använt alla mina, och jag har bara tvåsiffrigt antal lack :P


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