Monday, June 7, 2010

Viva La Diva Summer 2010 minis

Uh-oh. Pastels! Last time I received pastels for review, I forwarded them to my friend Emilie over att krex for some proper guest reviewing, but this time I decided to not chicken out and try to swatch them myself. Bad mistake? You be the judges.

I got an enormous package of goodies from the Viva La Diva peeps, with all their news for the summer, and among it this series of minis (5,5 ml/0,18 fl oz), of all sweet, pastel candylike little bottles.

First of all, I'd like to upfront apologize for the extremely bad state of my cuticles. The asswiping job is really starting to take its toll. But check these cuties out anyway!

13. Blueberry & Milk. All Viva La Divas are just like most European oldies and Asian polishes named with a number. Thanks to the press release I was able to tell they all have individual names as well, but you seldom see them and they're not printed on the bottles. Blueberry & Milk is your average lilac, pink leaning pastel. This is three coats.

14. Marzipan. A rather nice green, not the most pale version of the trending green pastel. This is two or three coats.

15. Apricot Pie. I actually liked this one, it looked so different on me. I have never really been into these kinds of colors, so I felt really exotic wearing it. Three coats.

16. Strawberry Shortcake. Average pink pastel. Three coats.

17. Cheesecake. The first thing that popped up in my head when I put it on was banana mash. At the first coat, it looked like it, and the formula was a lot like it. Thick and gluey. You can tell by my cuticles that it was too thick to clean up properly. I feel a certain ambivalence towards my bottle though, as it wasn't full. So it has either been opened or it has evaporated, and in any of the two cases this could be the reason the formula was what it was. So, if you really like the color and want to give it a go, and if you buy a new bottle that appears to be completely filled, you might have better luck! Three coats pictured.

18. Frozen Yoghurt. Only two coats! Standard blue pastel.

For a person who has little to no experience with pastels, I'd say these overall applied pretty well, except for my funky bottle of Cheesecake. For a person like me, most of these take three coats to be evened out, and if I had done a proper manicure with anyone of them instead of just quick swatches, I think the result would have been a lot better. These are all without both base and top coats.

My favourites colorwise are Apricot Pie, Cheesecake and Marzipan. They are all very happy and summery, and if I had been a pink person, I'm sure I'd liked Strawberry Shortcake too!

What do you girls think of these? Please leave comments or check the reaction boxes to let me know how Swedish polishes compares to the international standards in terms of attraction!

And you know what?

This entire set is now being added to my 333 followers giveaway!

So are these items...

Viva La Diva Domed Eye Shadows in Marshmallow and Cupcake, and lipsticks in Hot Tulip and Soft Pink.

Swedish word of the day:
godis -noun candy
Because vivid colors really are!


  1. Pastel cremes are now officially lame. Over. Enough already.

    The pots are cute.

  2. Wow, Strawberry Shortcake looks fantastic on you (you may think about becoming a pink person :))! Marzipan is great as well - not too light, not too blue.

  3. Söta, men inga habegär väcks. Jag har nog skaffat så många pasteller jag behöver för hela min livstid...

  4. love these all they are very cute! You should do a pedi with marzipan

  5. I luv all of these! You did a good job.

  6. They weren't thick and gooey? I read somewhere that they all were a handful to apply so I didn't even bother to go look for them.

    And hey, if your cuticles are in a bad state I promise you, you have no idea what a bad condition is. They look damn fine to me, ie Little miss tear and wear.

  7. oooh im lucky 300th follower :D
    love the pastels!!

  8. Mm I love Apricot Pie! The polish, not the food!
    Why have they named a green polish Marzipan? As far as I know marzipan is yellow!

  9. jaljen: I don't believe they are lame and over, even though they might be for those of us who are freaks. Most of the average crowd just started seeing these in stores, and now is the time of year that people in Sweden would like to wear colors like these. But yes, to us fanatics, these are all very "last season", since we're already sniffing the news for fall...

    Liene: Oh, thank you! I'd like to shock people every now and then and wear colors they never thought I would. Unfortunately, I easily get bored. :D

    Sminkan: Nej, jag hade nog inte heller köpt dessa, men så är jag verkligen ingen pastellig person heller... ;) Kan tänka mig att "vanligt" folk kan bli lite sugna under sommaren...

    Scandalous: Marzipan is never again going to be used by me, as it is now in the giveaway pile. ;)

    Kittyluvscolor: Thank you! <3

    schmut: A bit, but I believe all or at least most pastels are?! That's what I mean when I say I have very little experience with them. I only heard they're supposed to be hellish to apply, I haven't really tried much myself. I have a few, tried even fewer, and really only did a manicure, with one of the recent Orly pastels, on a friend. These needed just as much TLC as the Orly, and yes, they weren't easy, but I felt the Orly wasn't either. But yes, these were a bit streaky and didn't level out very well. :/ And the cuticles... The worst is edited out. ;)

    Jamie K: Congrats! Lol I'm sorry I have no prize for you other than the honour. ;)

    Rebecca: You know, I believe it could be a local thing. Do you guys have a cake called Princess Cake? We do, and it's covered in green marzipan. :) So are small pastry thingies called "dammsugare" (vacuum cleaners!). :)

  10. I don't think any polish or color is ever really over. I think it depends on the person, on any particular day. Some days I love a certain color, some days I cant stand it. I think your post was very nice. :-D

  11. I can't wait for your giveaway! I liked these even if they're colors we've seen before.

  12. wow!! those are great shades!!


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