Sunday, June 6, 2010

H&M Summer Nails mini sets

Looksie what I found at my local H&M today!

Totally cute. They came in packs of four, and how they were grouped together you may guess yourselves. The colors may not be very unique, but they were new and they were sort of cheap. The bottles are rather tiny, at only 3.2 ml or 0.1 fl oz, but that is okay with me, since I seldom use a polish more than once anyway. You know how it works.

I got eager and wanted to swatch them right away. Since I have recently discovered how incredibly time consuming swatching is, and time is something I have very little of for the time being, I just did quick skittle swatches.

H&M Summer Nails in Neon Yellow, Neon Lilac, Neon Pink, Neon Orange. Not really neon, rather brights. Which is fine with me. They are cute and come in standard colors. Well invested money (SEK 29.50/$3.50) for those who don't have similar polishes and want something bright for the summer. The formula is fine, but sheer compared to H&M's standard formula. These are all at two coats, except the yellow which is three. The pink had excellent coverage, and the purple is a tad jellyish in its texture.

H&M Summer Nails in Pure White, Blue, Green, Purple. Very creative naming here. Two shimmers and two cremes, of which the white is of course very basic. Great non-streaky two coat opaque stark white, not so great drying time. The blue is cute but rather standard too, better on the drying time than he white. The shimmers applied rather sheer, but dried fast and looked good after two coats. And the green... I honestly believe that among my ~150 greens I do not have one alike. I like!

Now, ome of these strongly reminded me of other H&M's, so I did some quick wheel comparison swatches. In the store I wondered if they were some previously released ones simply in new bottles, but after some quick research, I discovered they weren't even made in the same country, so even less by the same manufacturer. These minis are made in Turkey, while the polishes that come in the regular H&M bottles are made in France. These are overall more sheer than the French manufactured ones, which are all nowadays very opaque and nice.

First up, let's look at Purple:

Summer Nails Purple vs Fashionista. Not the same.

Summer Nails Blue vs U Must Have This. Not the same.

Summer Nails Neon Yellow vs Being On The A-list. Not the same, but not very far apart. If you already have Being On The A-list, you won't get much use out of your Neon Yellow, which is much sheerer.

And while we're at it with the H&Ms- a very late answer to a question asked by Lisa over at Rugby Beauty -a comparison of the base colors of U Must Have This and Turquise Kitty (misspelling noticed by krex!):

Not the same! U Must Have This is brighter and less green even if it's only an Ångström in difference. However, the total impression makes them different enough to justify owning both. By a landslide!

Swedish word of the night:
odling -noun gardening
Because now my balcony looks super nice!


  1. I am starting to think that my Being on the A-list is ...sick?!
    It's not the same bright yellow as I have seen on your or makeupaholic's blog. Mine looks like it has a layer of dust in it.

  2. must-resist-not-getting-them (and i do have fashionista and u must have this ^^)

  3. i so wish we had polishes at our h&m!

  4. Oh! I wish the h&ms in my city sold nail polishes :(

  5. schmut: That is how Sminkan described it as well, and how I was hoping it would actually look like. I'm almost a tiny bit disappointed. Could it be that there are two different versions out? Or do we just perceive colors that differently? :)

    amusedpolish: You don't have to. The formula isn't that good to justify. ;) I dis just because i wanted the green. And because they were cute. And new. And Swedish. And right in front of me... ;P

    jbrobeck: Good thing there are so many of us out there who desperately wants to swap for American brands. ;) *whisteling unnoticably* *can't spell English even with a gun pointed to my head*

    nihrida: I admire your strength of character, my friend! <3

    xtinaaj: See my reply to jbrobeck above. :D

  6. Hi! I dont't found the second pack of these polishes.. if you sell them i will be interested ;) thanks!!


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