Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring greens comparison

Hell yes you're getting some!

First up: the crowd:

Second, the lineup, after much trouble sorting:

The finished result, in overcast:

...and in indirect sun!

1. OPI Sit Under the Apple Tree
2. H&M Garden Green
3. Misa Secrets
4. OPI Bikini Envy
5. OPI Electric Eel
6. Guppy 50
7. NYX Girls Sour Lime
8. L'Oréal Shocking Green
9. Nfu Oh 97
10. Zoya Tangy
11. Misa Let's Go Green
12. China Glaze Tree Hugger
13. New York Summer Greenish
14. Maybelline Go Go Green
15. IsaDora Magic Green
16. Franken by Amanda Frankenpolish
17. Sally Hansen Glow
18. NYX Girls Luscious Green

All are at three coats. I admit the neon Misa is a bit odd in this group, but it is still zesty enough for me. Some are quite sheer colors, like Electric Eel, Tangy and Go Go Green, but they still make a statement! Unfortunately, the lightest part in this wheel, the greenish yellowish colors, have that typical drying problem these colors tend to have. Garden Green and Sit Under the Apple Tree are very much so. And it is so sad, because I love those colors.

Overall this is one of my favourite color groups- of course, they are greens -and they are just what I want for spring. I like the slight acidity to them, the brightness and the little twist I feel like I'm getting with them. They just stand out, and that is perfect for me. If black is tuxedo, vampies are goth and gunmetal is metal, zesty greens are punk! And before you ask, no, I don't listen very much to punk, but my personality and style are more punk or laidback metal than uptight goth. ;)

Swedish word of the evening:
otålig -adjective impatient
Because my daughter is- she want's to watch Japanese anime clips on youtube before bedtime!


  1. For me, NYX ones stand out the most. Luscious Green is the best.
    BTW: Your color wheel photos are great! I never succeed at that...

  2. I love that Guppy color. Do you just reuse the same nail wheel and remove the polish or do you use a new one each time. My nail wheel pictures always suck...


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