Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunny and zesty

Quite a while ago, after reading about and seeing swatches of various Guppy polishes on a couple of blogs, I got myself a few from ebay. I got two that I had seen swatches of, no. 64 and 77, and one that just looked so damn awesome in the product photo, and that was the one below, no. 50.

And since there has been some shameless flirting lately, here's my nihrida™ shot.

Not as pretty as the original, so I think I'll stick to my sideways shots.

I truly lurv colors like these. The limey, zesty, light green ones. And this one is completely unique in my collection, as it's the only one that has a foil finish. Like my other Guppys, it holds high quality and dries fast. The best part is the price tag. I gave $2.50 each for mine, and if I can trust my recollection, the shipping from Hong Kong wasn't that horrible either.

And you know what? I have a comparison wheel... Who wants to see?

Swedish word of the day:
chokladglass -noun chocolate ice cream
Because I'm going to have some now.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing colour, it screams SPRINGTIME to me. I will certainly check this brand out!

  2. Ahahaha, you suck at taking nihrida shots...your fingers aren't even lined up. Sloppy, sloppy... =D I love you anyway and your side shots rule! =)
    This color is very interesting, but I don't know about wearing it...

  3. polishis: They are definitely worth every penny/cent/öre! :D

    nihrida: Hey girlfriend, don't hurt my feelings! ;D My fingers ARE lined up, they're just short and fat! xD And I can tell you wearing this color rulez, I love looking at my hands right now!

  4. Zesty is the perfect word to describe that polish!

  5. LOVVVVE this color!!!
    And I love your sideways shots!


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