Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the dark, all Felines are grey

Yesterday I got my first ever MAC polish. And as my first, I chose the one with the prettiest packaging.

Cuckoo, little birdie in its nest...

And look, even the inside of the carton is purrty.

Sorry about the package photos overload, but my polishes rarely come in cute packaging.

And now what you probably came for.

In the sun.

And further away from the window.

Since I saw Blue India the first time I have been wondering how it compares to my favourite Depend from last fall, no. 170. Here is a bottle comparison, with flash.

Clearly in the same color family. Let's also compare them on wheel.

Daylight, a couple of meters away from the window.

Not that far apart actually! But what happens if we add a little flash?

Now you can clearly see the difference. However, if you are in Scandinavia and have a hard time obtaining Blue India, and want a similar color- you know which one to get. And yes, I feel my laptop makes an awesome backdrop for my sloppy comparison photos.

Oh, by the way. Since I am wearing a dusty creme today, the sun is out, crazy shining. Happy spring!

Swedish word of the day:
fågel -noun bird
Because it's kinda cute.


  1. I kinda like the Depend one better

  2. Pretty packaging? Really? Birds aren't pretty... XD
    I love both color and thank you, thank you sooooo much for sending me this Depend polish. It's wonderful!

  3. Tack för jämförelsen. Då jag inte kommer hinna åka in till Sthlm den 15:e köpte jag #170 istället och den är ju superfin. Men, jag vill ju fortfarande ha Blue India såklart hehe.

    Ps. Upptäckte ganska nyligen att du är från Sverige :) Kul!


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