Friday, March 19, 2010

Bring on the spring!

Second day of boring weather- new approach. Maybe I can bring out the spring by choosing spring-y manicure colors?

Took out my bottle of NYX Girls Primary, from the old line. From the bottle I would have thought it was a neon, but it turns out it's just a bright sap green. Jelly formula. And very sheer. Depicted: four coats.

When I put the top coat on I realised it wouldn't dry, so I took it off...

...and found another very cute, delicate green! Just look at this bottle.

How can you resist that?! Well, maybe if you knew beforehand how fabulously crappy the formula was. This is the type of color that never dries. This one was also rather thick and ridiculously hard to apply.

You can see one of the typical problems with these polishes: a huge bubble near the edge on my ring finger nail. Two unintentionally thick layers and still not enough coverage. Do I need to say this manicure didn't show any signs of drying either?

You may also notice that all of a sudden my nails are noticable shorter. I lost a couple of corners and had to file them down a bit.

After removing the H&M I realised I had to put my trust in a polish brand renown for good formulations. The most obvious choice: Color Club. What better day to pull out Rebel Debutante?

The first coat actually dried! The second... Was harder to put on. But I did it. And with a bit of cleanup, no, honestly, a lot of cleanup, it ended up... decent. But not more. This manicure stays. Third time is the charm, right? Now, a couple of hours later I just discovered dents across two nails. Well. Some days you just gotta live with that. Because, some days just aren't meant to be good manicure days. That's right, I'm having a bad nail day. Obviously.

If these colors couldn't bring out the spring, these neon skittles just got to!

Just downloaded a shitload of photos from my iphone, and it turned out I had plenty of them in there. These skittles are Essie Pink Parka and LA Girl Flare Bedazzle. I usually don't wear skittles like this, but I was at the time heading to my niece's first birthday party. ;) Notice how awfully long my nails were back then! And no, it isn't the most flattering NOTD shot ever.

Swedish word of the day:
misslyckande -noun failure
Because these were.


  1. I like the Rebel Debutante best! We certainly know how to pull it off! =))))

  2. Aww too bad the Hello Kitty one had a yucky formula, that one is my favorite!

  3. I love Rebel Debutante, you rock it!

  4. must have that first. its gorgeous bright jelly. love love love

  5. Rebel Debutante looks da best!

  6. Rebel Debutante is hot! Seeing your long nails makes me miss mine. =((


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