Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ciaté Paint Pots

I chose my manicure color accordingly to the weather today.

Two coats of Ciaté Vintage. In overcast.

A while ago I, like so many others, was tempted to get myself a couple of the super cute Ciaté Paint Pots bottles. I was reassured I would love them, because, not only are they pretty, the formula was supposed to be effing awesome! I was ogling through the range in one of the webshops, and it was so hard to narrow it down to only a few pretty colors to order. I ended up getting the dark teal creme Superficial and shimmery greenish Golden Globe that time. I tried Superficial first, and was... Well. Disappointed. After three coats, I still had bald spots, which were detectable even in poor light. The formula was thick and I had trouble maneuvering the wide brush. Compared to the price, I felt that Ciaté polishes were overrated.

I wasn't very tempted to try out my second bottle, Golden Globe, but eventuall did so a few months later. Shimmer formulas tend to be a little more sheer, so I thought at least it was possible it was easier to apply. And it was. A little. I still wasn't very impressed with the formula, although I tend to luuurv colors like Golden Globe and therefore was quite happy with that manicure once it was set. I also got a compliment on the color from one of the girls in my class, and unlike so many of you seem to, I don't often get comments on my nail colors. Must be my repelling personality! Hahah.

I tend to do the stupidest things, and forget some bad things because I like the good, so of course I once again fell for those pretty pretty bottle pictures of the Paint Pots. Like an old hippie on pot, all I think is "Oooh, pretty colors!" and ordered a couple more. This time I had an even harder time choosing, but I ended up with Vintage and one more.

And this time around, it wasn't all that bad. I almost feel bad, because I have been so negative towards the Ciatés. When I applied Vintage this morning, I first thought it could be a one-coater. Though, I still had some bald spots down at the free edges. This happens to me a lot, but it is more evident when applying really opaque cremes. Maybe it's just my crappy technique, but still. No one-coater, but yes, a two-coater. And I didn't have all that much trouble with the brush this time either. I feel I may forgive Ciaté for my early conclusions. ;)

Here's a photo of Golden Globe, from the vault. Quite purrty. And my nails were a lot purrtier too.

This kinda reminds me. I have made a new greenish golds comparison wheel, complete with my stash reinforcements. Is this something you would be interested in? Please let me know in the comments section.

Swedish word of the day:
tvåveckorsförkylning -noun two week head cold
Because I have yet another one, and this word really makes it apparent that Swedes like 'em looong and combined! ;D


  1. sooooooooooooo pretty! and hahaha omg the old hippie on pot line gahahahahahahaha hilarious

  2. Greenish golds are the greatest things ever. Want to see!!!! And golden globe... Bootyful.

  3. I have both Vintage and Superficial and I love them! It sounds weird t me you didn't like the formula as both of them are one coaters for me with careful application! I love both on you <3

  4. I am such a sucker for pretty packaging that I think I would love these even if the formula was craptastic! :)

  5. Ooooo Golden Globe looks awesome! I'd love a comparison of golden greens!!

  6. Katie: What length one's sporting makes a huge differenc when it comes to opacity issues, I have finally figured out (though it should have been obvious! haha). Now that I have been doin' the nubbins for a while, I noticed I got away with a lot fewer coats- bald spots just aren't as apparent when one doesn't have much free edges! Once I do have 'em, I have problems spreading all of the polish down to the tip with an adequate opacity all the way. But I guess, we can't all have the same painting technique, and maybe mine just sucks! xD

  7. Gorgeous polishes and gorgeous nails! I prefer Vintage over Golden Globe...but I'm weird. =)

  8. Sure, I totally agree, I guess it's much easier on m little nubbins lol!!Oh and I don't think your technique sucks because your nails are flawless all the time!!


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