Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luscious, Luscious Green...

Woohoo! Look at it!

Now, this is a manicure I am truly enjoying. This type of green is so me.

Though, I am not sure about the finish. It's a kind of frosty, pearly sort of shimmer. (I admit that I never really got how exactly to tell those finishes apart.) I'm wearing three coats, and adding coats is the easiest way of getting rid of brush streaks. I knew what I was getting into though, the new NYX Girls color dollops on Cherry Culture are actually pretty accurate. By now we know that dollops like those are of mostly brush streaky polishes. UPD But you girls tell me it's a shimmer, and since I am obviously clueless, I'm going with your decision!

And this little cutie dries fast. Fast! You'll have to work fairly quick to avoid glueing up your brush.

Love it. Love it!

Swedish word of the day:
livsglädje -noun joy of living
Because I'm starting to feel spring!


  1. This is gorgeous! I love how sparkly it is!

  2. I'd say this one is shimmery - very fine shimmer. Not frost. It looks wonderful on you and you certainly know how to wear your greens.
    CC color drops are actually accurate?!!? Whoa!

  3. that's definitely not frost, it's shimmer, i think. and it's so hot!

  4. Thank you, nihrida and Rhea, for pointing out the finish part! I'm so clueless of the differences between diff kinds of shimmers- I'd love it if the community just skipped the entire labeling of shimmer type thing! xD

    nihrida: Yes, I'd say that the the color drop images of the new (note!) NYX Girls polishes actually are! :) You can even tell from the dollops that Ink Heart is a jelly (which is why I got it, hehe).

  5. I put this color on last night. It is so pretty and perfect for saint patties day.

  6. New music

  7. That is a gorgeous green!


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