Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another new H&M - U Must Have This!

Though I am not certain that is necessarily true... But H&M keeps being accurate about interpreting the trends in polish, and brings us another super saturated bright color for spring. This one is a much lighter blue than the one I've shown you before, Blue My Mind. If Blue My Mind was Swedish blue, U Must Have This is Finland blue. Maybe that is why it doesn't appeal to me in the same way, it's just not able to punch me right to my heart.

My hands look like they belong to a corpse, which may be true today, but really is just a product of color correcting in Photoshop. I am way too lazy to color correct only certain elements in a photo, so with color corrected polish, you get either corpsy or lobster looking fingers! All this is of course due to the nature of this polish, as it was almost as difficult to photograph as many of the other trending colors. But not as bad as the impossible Four Leaf Clover (to my delight there's not one single polish that hard to capture!)...

If I wasn't such a lazy person, I'd tell you more about the lovely Swedish spring, about to burst, but since I have been sleeping like there was no tomorrow, I haven't been feeling up to taking a walk with my camera. Though, an hour or so ago, I was out walking my neighbor's dog, a sweet but very obstinate rottweiler bitch (I love when I get to use this word in its correct context!), and I'll tell you... Being dragged after a strong, young, curious rottweiler when pretty much the entire streets are covered in wet ice... Not very relaxing! Maybe a tad funny, though.

Swedish word of the day:
vårsol -noun spring sun
Because it is all over the place.


  1. Oh, come on! This day is getting better and better *insert sarcasm here* Another lemming... *kicks dirt*
    It looks great on you!

  2. Nej, nej! Beautiful color, but not Finland blue! :-) I'd say (after looking your previous posts) that Misa's Pour Me Something Tall and Strong is more Finland blue ;-)

    You have some great comparisons here, glad I found your blog!

  3. nihrida: *picturing you kicking dirt* How cute isn't that mental image? :D You know, if you wish really hard... Sometimes some things come true!

    Amabile: Nah, I know, not exactly Finland blue, but if we pretend for a minute that U Must Have This and Blue My Mind were the only polishes in the world, and Sweden and Finland were the only countries... Then maybe? xD However, I disagree about the Misa! It is darker than the cross in the Finnish flag. :)

  4. Feline: Usually when I wish really hard all I get is a headache and a fart. =D

  5. nihrida: xD And no U Must Have This in your box. :/ Maybe you think less of me now. LOL

  6. That is a beautiful blue!


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