Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New NYX Girls dissected

Today, I have managed to shoot some of the ugliest bottle photos ever! And since I am so thoughtful, I will share them with you. Next time, I promise to try not to be so anxious, and actually take some time to do neat shots. Pwomiss!

What I was trying to capture, was the bundle of NYX Girls polishes from the new line that I got in the mail today. I reluctantly ordered them from Cherry Culture, and sure, they shipped fast, but the shipping cost is ridiculous these days. It's just that I got so tempted after Gabrielle of The Edge of Sanity swatched a shitload the other week!

Here are the ones I got- the first crappy photo of many to come in this post:

I also got some from the old line that is now on clearance. Buy 2 get 1. One of those luxurious deals unheard of to European girls.

Morocco, Primary, Blood.

But let's go back on subject!

Abyss, Deep Space, Royal Purple, Ink Heart.

Algae, Luscious Green, Sour Lime, Smoldering.

You know me by now. I immediately started to get déjà vus- where the hell have I seen these colors before? Guess what I did next? Started to pull out bottles from my Helmers, of course.

Suspicion number one: Algae looks a lot like some other colors that has been very popular over the last year...


Suspicion number two: This Smoldering color looks a lot like my favourite brown shimmer...


I felt like I own dupes for at least half of the ones I got. Not that it matters all that much to me- I buy dupes all the time -but I have this sick need to know. Let's pull out a new wheel!

I painted up some other colors that seemed suspiciously a lot like others. Here they all are at one coat. You know we gotta check the base color.

14. NYX Girls Smoldering
15. Misa Earthward
16. NYX Girls Deep Space
17. OPI DS Mystery
18. NYX Girls Deep Space
1. LA Girls Rock Star Rockstar
2. NYX Girls Algae
3. Misa Dirty Sexy Money
4. NYX Girls Royal Purple
5. OPI Ink

No, none are exact matches, but some are very close. NYX Girls Deep Space is gorgeous. Gorgeous, I tell you, but I knew it wasn't entirely new. I first pulled out OPI DS Mystery to compare, but as you can see in the picture above, the base color of the NYX Girls is charcoal to black, not purple. Then I remembered the LA Girls Rock Star. It is much closer to the NYX Girls, but the base is much more opaque, and the glitter is much finer. No one replaces the other out of these three, but you may not need all of them.

But before we jump to any conclusions, let's take a look at the finished result.

Smoldering is deeper than Earthward, and has more coarse shimmer. I actually like it better than the Misa. In this photo you can also see that Deep Space is more similar to the ones I compare them to than you would initially have thought at one coat. Algae is a tinge more green, and less dusty, than Dirty Sexy Money, but if you don't own Dirty Sexy Money and have problems hunting it down, this could be a nice replacement. Royal Purple and OPI Ink are pretty much dupes at full opacity.

There you have it. Apart from the dupishness of some colors, all of them applies very nicely, even though Deep Space was a bit sheer. Ink Heart and Sour Lime was free of dupes in my collection, but Abyss is like any other pearl or frost charcoal black.

Are you getting any of these?

Word of the evening:
fnissa -verb giggle
Because girls do.


  1. OMG, OMG *runs in circles* I NEED Algae!!!

  2. nihrida: 20% off on Cherry Culture until monday! :)

  3. Algae, ink heart and deep space look....amazing!

  4. I just discovered your blog, and am totally blown away by your awesome comparisons - thank you so much for your efforts!
    I'm wondering, since I also saw your comparison of blues: is NYX Ink Heart more in the depth range of ChG Bermuda Breakaway, or of Calypso Blue? Possibly even a dupe to one of the blues you compared these to? :)

  5. vedra: That's a good question! I quickly compared the wheel swatch with my complete wheel of blue cremes, and I felt it wasnt a dupe, but I can try to find this out for you more exactly during the day today. :)(Yes, I love challenges like this one. ;D)


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