Monday, March 15, 2010

A Nubar Gem

...And a sparkly NOTD for you as well. Gem is the only polish from the Prisms collection I bothered getting. I am afraid of saying this, because I believe I will get spanked, but I'm just not that into holos as the rest of you gals seem to be. No. My weakness when it comes to sparkly polishes, is the prismatic ones. I believe there are two more, or maybe even three, prismatic polishes in the Prisms collection (the rest of course being holographic), but Prize was too pinkish toned for me, and Jewel... Well, I will just haul that one later. But Gem, that's a different story... It called to me.

In direct sunlight. You can tell it is a bit gritty, which is of course typical for prismatic glitter. I only put one coat of Diamont on top, could have used a second- but from experience, I know, with these gritty glitters you can topcoat in all eternity without getting rid of the unevenness (is that even a word?!).

This is a couple of meters into my livingroom, away from the window. See that pink flash? It is much stronger in reality, but was hell to try to catch with the camera lens. The base color seems to have been even harder to get to stick. It is some form of taupe. It is less brown than in the top photo, and more beige than in the below photo. So, a taupe-pink duochrome with prismatic glitter. How the hell can you beat that?!

It is just... Stunning.

Swedish word of the moment:
ädelsten -noun gem, precious stone
Because this one truly is.


  1. Ok, that's just frackin' awesome. A MUST have for me. I am a holo whore, but prism/opalescent are definitely right up there too! Thanks for showing this with the flash!

  2. Wow, it has my name all over it! Beautiful!!!

  3. Well, you haven't tried a good holo then!
    I have got Diamond Chainmail Charm on my LH and it is incredible! I think dinosaur skin must have been like this. Glitter is great but it's not complicated or sophisticated or inscrutable or mysterious.
    PLUS holos aren't so hard to remove.
    Try Chainmail Charm if you haven't already done so.....

  4. Psst, svarade egentligen i min blogg men tänkte tipsa dig här ändå eftersom du frågade om det mest excellenta typsnittet någonsin. Det heter Cezanne och bygger på konstnärens handstil. Finns som gratisversion.

  5. I LOVE this!! So pretty!!

  6. love those pics, I just ordered it and can't wait to try.

    p.s. I am LOVING your blog!


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