Monday, March 15, 2010

NYX Girls Ink Heart comparison

Vedra asked me in the comments section how the new NYX Girls Ink Heart compares to some other blues, specifically China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway and Calypso Blue. I had some idea of the answer, but decided to show you. Of course I would never pass on an opportunity to do a comparison! I am home sick anyway dammit.

First, let's see how the bottles compare. I threw in OPI Dating a Royal, because after a quick comparison in between my wheels, that is the one that looked the closest. However, the bottle content doesn't look the same at all, which gives away that even though they may dry similar, they are not dupes. Although, both are jellies, while the China Glazes are both cremes. Let's cut the crap- here are the bottles in flash light.

Always so hard to tell about the dark ones, even with flash...

By now you know I like to compare the colors at one coat. Look at this. OPI Dating a Royal didn't get to be part of the actual comparison, because I couldn't get the bottle open. You can tell from the photo above it doesn't belong anyway.

We can already rule out Calypso Blue as a dupe, though they looked the closest judging by the bottle color. In my opinion, you can also tell that Ink Heart is more vivid, a bit more saturated, as often the case with jellies, than Bermuda Breakaway.

Last, the final product, each at three coats. This is under weak sun.

What do you think? I feel that Ink Heart is almost right in the middle between the two China Glazes. And I still love it as much as I did when I first unpacked it. It's the jelliness... How can you possibly resist a finish like that?

Hope you feel enlightened, Vedra, and everyone else, for that matter! Don't hesitate to ask for comparisons if you want to, I really enjoy making them whenever I have a little spare time. As you may by now have noticed...

Also, let me confide in you and tell that I have another shipping of new NYX Girls coming in... As well as more of the old bottles on clearance. I think we can look forward to a ginormous NYX Girls feast around here soon.

Swedish word of the day:
jämförelse -noun comparison
Because I seem to be doing a lot of them.


  1. Calypso Blue is just.........WOW!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for doing a special comparison! Ink Heart is definitely going on my wishlist (read: in my shopping cart) now - I had no idea that it's a jelly, and the depth seems perfect, just what I'm looking for! :) I'll be stalking your blog from now on - more NYX girls sounds great ;)

  3. I love the jelly! I have Calypso. Its beautiful too, but, I just can't resist a jelly

  4. *adds Ink Heart to wishlist* Thanks, Feline! XD


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