Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A glowing China Glaze

Can you believe it? The Feline wore pink polish. PINK! I usually run far away from pink in any form, but... There are always the exceptions to any rule.

Do you remember when Scrangie posted about China Glaze Afterglow? I do. Like so many others, I fell right in love. We often do when Scrangie shows us colors. How do I know I wasn't the only one who had an immediate lemming? Because, in a matter of days, Afterglow was out of stock on both transdesign.com and 8ty8beauty.com. Another wise polish addicted person in my surroundings once said, in a similar situation, "you snooze, you lose". Didn't see Afterglow in any of those weshops for quite a while, but thankfully, there is always the bay of complete consumer evil. And I managed to find an ebay store that carries China Glaze polishes not much more expensive than the previous mentioned.

The other day, I had the not very intelligent tought that I could perhaps bring out spring by wearing pink. The choice was simple. So, now I would like to show you what a polish like Afterglow looks like if you don't have the nails of a goddess and the painting skills of a ninja. (?!)

The reason why we fell in love.

And in the sun...

The blue flash makes this polish look like a cool pink, but the base is really a peachy pink, which shows in my super blurry "further away from the window" photo.

Pictured is four coats. I used only three on my other hand, and the visible nail line was still much apparent, of course, since this is a sheer shade.

This polish is a member of the China Glaze core line, and I have seen it in stores here in Sweden too (but we gotta pay a whopping $14 retail), so it should be fairly easy to find. If you happen to like these kinds of colors. I usually don't but I admit I loved looking down on my hands while I was wearing it. Both because of the beautiful blue iridiscence and the pure novelty.

Swedish word of the day:
rosa -adjective pink


  1. I don't like it. And you DO have nails of a goddess and painting skills of a ninja (is that good?). =) I just don't like it. You rock harder/edgier colors. =)

  2. I saw Scrangie's post, but the polish didn't speak to me then and it doesn't now. Lucky me, because usually I have to have every single polish in the world. LOL It looks lovely on you. ;)

  3. I love colors like this one normally. I even have one or two similar ones.. but this particular one was a bit bleh even for my neutral ass. ;)
    You rock it though, you rock ANY polish!

  4. Okay, I'm gonna be odd and say that I like this one, and I love your photos of it. I too fell for it, hook, line and sinker after seeing it on Scrangie's post - I snagged it at Victoria Nail Supply, I believe.

  5. Oh, I love how differently we feel about this one! :D Not to confuse anybody, this polish doesn't exactly make it onto my top 10, or even top 100, but it was an interesting change, and one I would never have done without this gorgeous blue iridiscence. I have like two other pink polishes in my entire stash. xD

    nihrida: I don't know if the ninja painting skills are a good thing. We'll have to ask my brains and get back on that. :D

  6. I liked this the first time I saw it on Scrangie. I didn't splurge and buy it, but it's on my wishlist. Strangely I have quite a bit of pink, but I don't wear it very much.

  7. That is a gorgeous color on you!

  8. It's too peachy - you are right. If they had done an opaque in 2-3 coats that was pink with blue duochrome, it would have been perfect - like you refer to in your post from Sept 21 for an Essence polish I adore - but don't think I can ever get it in the states.


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