Sunday, June 22, 2014

IsaDora will no longer be featured at alizarine

It has come to my attention that Swedish cosmetic company Invima, owner of brand IsaDora, uses questionable business practices - to say the least. Just take a look at this facsimile from the internet edition of daily Sydsvenskan:

Google translate may not have been kind on the tricksy Swedish language, but I hope it still comes out clear: Invima treats their employees like shit. In an attempt to avoid regulated employer responsibility, they fired the vast majority of their factory workers, and brought in a staffing company. This company in turn, threatens its employees both verbally and physically.

I think it's obvious: for me as a union woman this is unacceptable. Therefore I will no longer feature IsaDora on this blog. Neither will I buy any of their products. This will last until there is proof that Invima act according to Swedish laws and applicable collective agreements.

I'm also fully aware that this once great blog has diminished quite massively, but I hope to be able to spread the word enough for others to pick up and pay it forward - after all, this is about basic human rights: to be able to go to work and earn your living without fear of threats and retaliation, and their possible realization. It's a call to arms for workers' rights.

Until further notice, the boycott is on.

To read the source article in Swedish, click here.
To read the source article in poorly translated English, click here.
To read the follow up statement from the employer, in Swedish, click here.
To read the follow up statement from the employer, in really badly translated English, click here.


  1. I never liked them anyways, but nice to see people standing up for what's right. Companies like this make me very angry and upset!

  2. Well I always liked isadora but its quite expensive here in Germany but this makes me angry -.-'

    Thank you for sharing!!

  3. No more IsaDora-products for me either. Will use up the ones I do have but I will not buy from them again.

  4. Great move. Ever since I read the article in Sydsvenskan, I've been waiting for someone to take a stand on a nail polish blog.

  5. Ouff, näe! Jag har ingen blogg men ska låta bli att lägga upp bilder på Isadora-produkter på instagram nu. Får se om jag fortfarande vill använda dem, jag vill ju inte gå runt och känna min unken...

  6. I accidently found your blog and have to say a big well done for your decision as well as explaining everything here.
    I hope people won't suffer too much for too long behind the scenes. :-(

  7. IsaDora är ett av mina absoluta favoritmärken men det är ju fruktansvärt att människor blir behandlade på detta vis :O Väldigt fruktansvärt!
    Jättebra beslut!!
    Jag har makeup köpnings stop och kommer inte heller att köpa något mer från IsaDora nu på en tid och när mitt stop är slut kommer jag inte heller köpa från dem tills jag hör att saker har löst sig där!


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