Saturday, May 17, 2014

Didn't die

Hiya! Just so you'll know I didn't die on you, here are som re-instas.

From OPI Brazil: Where Did Suzi's Man-go? and Kiss Me I'm Brazilian.

Some Depend Mirage, probably 2055 Bronzy Breeze. very nice gold (!) foil.

Rimmel Torrid

Orly Androgynie

a-england Encore Margot

And if you wonder why I'm silent: I got too much to do. I rarely have any decent time off, that I don't use for absolutely nothing. I got a new temporary job, doing my political and union stuff, and on top of that I'm a single mom at somewhere around 95 % of the time. But I'll be better. I promise. At least I'm happy.


  1. Happy counts!! You are busy doing good work. Love your posts - however infrequent. Post when YOU like.

    PS: like the OPI and Rimmel above

  2. Underbara lack och swatches. Speciellt Encore Margot.

  3. The important thing is that you're healthy and happy. Good luck with everything!

  4. Un blog es mucho trabajo!! y si encima nos tenemos que ocupar de un trabajo, una casa, hijos... y vivir! es totalmente entendible las ausencias...
    A mi me está pasando exactamente igual...

    Saludos! Adoro tus uñas :)

  5. Hey thank you for all the manicure images. They are worth looking for.


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