Friday, April 12, 2013

Norway on a cloudy day

Some polishes are just better in theory. Or at least not properly executed ideas. One of H&M's newer colors, Norwegian Sky, surely is one of them.

Three, viciously painful coats. In fact, this polish was painful in so many aspects. Application, cleanup, and then as a photographic object. And then there was the removal process... Terrible. The thick, messy base covers pretty much all of the gorgeous shimmer, which you'll be able to see no sooner than while doing the infuriating cleanup, or when you finally want to take it off and all that hidden, gorgeous, duochrome shimmer sticks to your nail despite endless acetone and cotton friction cleaning. Had the shimmer been visible in these photos, you would have seen the blue direct angle shift, and the pink that is barely there in the extreme angle second picture. Can you see it?!

While the base is very pigmented and covers the shimmer all too well, it's indredibly chalky and streaky and ...gahh. When I applied the third layer, I thinned my bottle contents a bit (a "bit" being something like 15 drops of thinner), to see if the shimmer could surface more if I was able to apply the product more thinly. While it actually did, it sorta gets lost on top of the base color being so close in tone. Well, since I had worked so damn hard to get the polish on, I actually kept it for at least a couple of days. By the second day I was still not friends with my experience, so I topped it all off with Essie As Gold as it Gets, which certainly buried Norwegian Sky's own shimmer for good. It actually looked kind of nice, but guess what? I couldn't get a decent photo of that either. Now I want to kill this polish.

But most of all, I just want someone to execute this idea a million times better than this. It has got to be possible, don't you think?

Well, let me show you the best photo from this shoot, in my own opinion:

The Stöj - always where it happens. Hi readers!

Nothing gets my writing skills going like a healthy dose of anger and frustration.

This product was purchased with own funds.

Swedish name of the day:
Norge Norway
Certainly deserves better than this.


  1. Nej, jag gillade inte heller det här lacket. Formulan är hemsk. Fruktansvärd. Nog för att det är fint i flaskan men på nageln är det bara tråkigt.

  2. Despite all your frustrations and what it may have supposed to look like, it actually looks really nice in the pictures!! You made it look good!

  3. It does actually look lovely in the pictures, I love these sort of colours! Maybe Essie T&C with a colour shifting topcoat would give a similar effect with less pain?

  4. I can see why you were frustrated and thank you for the warning but your post made me smile, and that last picture IS awesome :-)

  5. this colour is very very pretty! but 3 coats don't sound so nice... :/

  6. Pastel cremes are usually a horrible PITA for me as well, but you did a great job here, it looks wonderful on you.

  7. I bought this one last month and I so agree with you :(

  8. Skitlack. Jag fattar fortfarande inte hur du kunde applicera och göra clean up så här snyggt.


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