Thursday, April 11, 2013

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

One of my friends gave me abundant gifts for Christmas, after one of her visits to her favourite town of Berlin, and one of them was this one: Walk on the Wild Side, from Essence's Colour & Go line.

Two coats, if my memory serves me right. While none of my shady photos survived my critical eye, these sunny ones certainly makes it clear why this is a fabulous polish. Not only does it have a fabulous dark pine green creme base, it also has a generous sprinkling of a lighter green shimmer. How could I not fall head over heels for that?!

While I absolutely despise the new brush in these polishes, the hassle of doing application with it is totally worth it. So thank you, Emilie!

This product was a personal gift.

Swedish word of the day:
vild -adjective wild
The great outdoors is perhaps furious.

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  1. Sådana här lack gör mig ledsen att Essence inte är mer lättillgängligt för mig.


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