Monday, June 11, 2012

Cam rebellion

The manicure in this post made me really happy, in many ways. Enough to immediately photograph it, load the photos in the computer - only to find that it just did not photograph correctly. Usually when this happens (and it does happen more often than I'd like), I just leave those pics to rot in the god forgotten folder of unprocessed photos, in my huge "nails" folder, but this time I decided to just finish editing and leave it all to rot in a Blogger post draft. A week has now gone by, and I decided to post these anyway. Maybe they're not that far off after all. Maybe I was just harsch. And still, even in this form it's an amazing blue shimmer. This is Rebel Blue from the L'Oréal Color Riche Le Vernis line.

Two coats and looking gooood. It's been a really long time since I worked with such a nice polish. Creamy, pigmented, but not too thick, and the brush is fantastic! It's a wide model, with a rounded tip, and the bristles fan out so nicely. A joy to use. And already at first coat the coverage was really good. You all know me by now - I do three coats. Not this time. No need. In reality, I perceived this color as slightly more cornflower blue, even leaning the slightest bit towards a dark periwinkle, but in bright light, sure, it's mostly just kablam! blue.

The pleasant experience of applying this polish almost makes me forget how darn expensive it is. I had been eyeing this particular shade ever since this line was introduced on the Swedish market, but no way was I going to pay 59 SEK (more than 8 USD) for 5 milliliters! However, some Swedish stores have occasional "offers", when you can save a dollar or so... Usually not very generous discounts, but seeing the red numbers by the L'Oréal counter made me grab this one. I doubt I will make it a habit, but it sure was fun trying out!

Swedish word of the day:
kornblå -adjective cornflower blue
One particularily nice shade of blue.


  1. I love this one!! I didn't blog about it for the same reason you are talking about: impossible to photograph its real colour. I think it has a lot of purple in it, too. I loved it, it's my favourite blue at the moment. And that brush!! It works sooo good! I paid it 3,99 euros btw and didn't regret it!

  2. I like the colour, but I don't feel particularly happy with the price tag either. These are actually more expensive here than China Glaze polishes. :o

  3. Har ju gluttat på den också.. men nej, inte för det priset. Fast kanske. Argh!

  4. Oh. Gosh. What a gorgeous blue. I'm trying to cut back, so I've just recently passed up Revlon - Royal several times ... this blue is NOT. HELPING. :P Thanks for sharing!

  5. I also have this one, and it's my fave blue. I've got Insolent Magenta, Luxembourg Garden and Mysterious Icon as well, and there isn't one I don't like. I just wish the bottles were bigger... it gets thick when you've used half.

    Here in Denmark retail price is 40 DKK. Sometimes Matas has 3 for 2.

    It's odd, thinking that some brands in Sweden is cheaper than here and others aren't.
    I always buy Make Up Store when I'm in Malmø. Here they cost usually 160 DKK.

  6. Wow, right now i'm debating: should i go to loreal's counter just for checking or should not?...mumble, that i loooove blue, and this type of blues are so flattering on me, BUT here in Switzerland there's also a hyperbole of loreal prices and a discount IF ever there'one, is a few cents off!

  7. This is a stunning blue! Your nails are equally as stunning as well!

    Sharleena xx

  8. Love this color...looks amazing on you! Great shade of blue. : )

  9. Grym, grym blå! Jag tänker inte köpa lacket av principskäl, men hoppas innerligt att det kommer hamna i någon realåda i framtiden.


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