Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello clouds!

So, I got sick and haven't been able to blog, but here's a quick post just to say hello - my (now six year old) daughter's pedi. Cute little children's feet, so maybe it shouldn't be that scary, but if you loathe those too, now is the time to close this post!

I had an idea, and the size of my girl's little toesies are perfect to try ideas out! Besides, she likes having cute pedis with flowers and hearts and dots and glitter and what not. So this is what I tried, but in lousy photos because this was late in the evening and some flash was required.

Cloud nails. If I'm not mistaken, I think I used H&M U Must Have This for the blue base, and then a random stark white Color Club, you know, those that are sometimes part of their mini sets. The white was dotted on with a larger dotting tool, in small steps (quite a lot of dots for the big toe nails). On top of that, but hardly visible in the photos, a coat of INM Nothern Lights in the silver variety.

To be honest, I tried this on myself too, but it didn't look as cute. Well, no wonder, since I have big mommy toe nails, and not these cute little... Little...

Swedish word of the day:
moln -noun cloud
Sometimes fluffy, sometimes dark.


  1. EEEE!!!! :'D So cuuuute! :D

  2. They look fantastic! You've fit a steady hand! Wonderful having your daughter to share this with and experiment on. She's just the right age. My 2 yo niece came to stay recently and the only polish she'd allow me to paint her nails with was China Glaze Smoke & Ashes sigh - a budding teenager;)

  3. Sorry - 12 yo niece not 2! Hehe

  4. what an awesome blog!!! I am new to the nail blog world and I am our newest follower! you have beautiful nails and you do great pictures!! I cant wait to see everything you post!!! have a great day!!!


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