Thursday, March 1, 2012

Emeralds, everywhere we look

Another not very inspiring day, wheatherwise, so let's check something out I had put away in the archives.This is another one of those very nice emerald shimmers, and is named just that. Emerald, from Max Factor.

Though worn some weeks ago, I'm pretty sure this was three coats. This shade is from Max Factor's line of mini polishes, sold over most of Europe if I'm not mistaken. The thing with those is that the brushes and handles suck, at least in my experience. I had to go through quite some effort to get this manicure decent, and if I recall correctly, do a shitload of cleanup work. So, application wasn't a very nice experience, but the shade itself is neat. Perhaps not that unusual, but beautiful, still. Any lover of greens knows why. The base is really a teal shade, and the shimmer is golden, which ends up emerald like this.

So, not really for anyone who's into effortless manicures, but perhaps for a greens collector like myself. Though, the pricing of these tiny bottles (it doesn't even have the volume printed on it) is ridiculous: 59 SEK (~9 USD). Shit.

Swedish word of the day:
smaragd -noun emerald


  1. Gorgeous color! It has a lot of depth and I love the sparkles.

  2. Så fint! Men ja, dyrt tyvärr.
    Jag önskar att det nya lacket Fantasy Fire skulle komma hit till Sverige!
    Varför har vi bara de gamla vanliga färgerna? Hmpf.

  3. As many know, MF pulled out of the US market. I thought they dissolved the company. However, once I started to see the little bottles of MD polish popping up on Euro blogs, I figured out it's the USA they pulled out of. I hope they come back to market in the US. Such a Hollywood icon of a company. They also at one time had a really interesting museum of their product, retail and studio in their old building on Hollywood Blvd. right in the heart of downtown Hollywood. This is a really pretty shade. Only one I own since they pulled out of the states is the Clarins #230 dup. Way too expensive to get hands on here now for such tiny bottles.

  4. Yeeeees, that's my thing! I LOVE this color! Awesome! ♥

  5. Den är oerhört fin på dina bilder. Jag blir lite sugen som den grön-samlare man är...

  6. Wow! love this color.. Its awesome i have no words how much i like it.. I just wanna buy it now..

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