Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Elemento X

Yay! She's blogging! I'll try not to write very much today, as my back hurts tremendously after this weekend's workshifts, but I want to show you my manicure - Elemento X from Brazilian Hits.

Two thick coats of green and rusty red duochrome shimmer in a black base. You know how I feel about these, right? After seeing it in the promo images for the collection it's from, the Power Puff Girls, I knew I had to have it, and as usual, my dear Brazilian friend Sarah was kind enough to get it for me. All in all, it's the same concept as the fabulous Black Emerald by Brucci, however I do believe the duochrome pigments aren't the same. The Brucci has a bit more true red to it, while here it's more brown leaning. But please do correct me if you think I'm wrong. Anyway, could make a good replacement for anyone who just can't find the Brucci. Though, I have to warn you, in case you haven't bought a Hits polish in a while: the new brush is horrible. It's wide and thick and has strands sticking in all directions, and it picks up a shitload of product, hence "thick coats". I got a few bubbles because of this, but they're not terrible.

Bonus photo of the pedicure I did for my daughter Miranda last night:

We're all longing for spring here in the northernmost hemisphere, right? I used a dotting tool to make these flowers. Perhaps not perfectly executed, but 5 year olds move around a lot.

Swedish word of the day:
gräsmatta -noun lawn
The one outside my kitchen window is brown.


  1. I really love this color, I have added to my wishlist weeks ago.
    Lovely the last pic :)

  2. I have no idea how you manage nail art on such tiny toenails! My sister is 13, and I still have a tough time painting her FINGERS. Well done!

  3. Your daughter's pedicure is so adorable!!! <3

  4. I love the mani *drool*, Your daughter's tootsies are adorable. Nice job Mama!

  5. Gorgeous polish, and cute the last picture!

  6. vackert lack och söta fötter^^

  7. Så snyggt lack! Och jättesöt pedikyr!


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