Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The best of 2011

I think. Maybe. I had to go through my own blog for the entire year. Which wasn't all that much fun. And I sorta lost interest. But this is what I came up with for my favourites of 2011.

Ludurana Show.

IsaDora Black Galaxy.

Misa Phazers On Stunning.

Essence Gagalectric.

H&M Wanna Pepperoni.

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black.
Was this shizzle released in 2011..? Let's hope so.

OPI Grape... Set... Match.

Lippmann Collection Glitter in the Air.

H&M Peppermint Fusion.

Color Club Alias.

OPI Not Like the Movies.
Another one I'm not entirely certain was released in 2011. It could have been so in the end of 2010, but close enough, eh?

So... Yeah. That's all the crumbles I could find. Duo- and multichromes highly over-represented, apparently. And I surely forgot about one or two, or have a bunch of gorgeous ones that are still unphotographed, somewhere, hidden deeply in my untrieds drawers. And, not a single China Glaze made it onto my list. I wonder what that says about me. Or China Glaze. (I'll go hide from your rotten eggs now.)

Swedish word of the night:
kräsen -adjective picky
I know I am.


  1. Yay!! A best of list that I agree with!! You have good taste!! :)

  2. Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black, reminds me a lot of Twilight by Joe Fresh... I love that color :)

  3. I love your favs - stunning! It's hard to make a proper list, because 2011 was the year of awesome polish, well imo :) I'm in love with Orly right now, and I loved the majority of their polishes, but your list is awesome as well :D I'm waiting for my first Misa right now, and it's Phazers On Stunning :) Oh, and I need IsaDora Black Galaxy! Thanks for the reminder ;)

  4. Beautiful list!! :D

  5. No China Glaze? None from Island Escape or their holiday releases? Not even Some Like It Haute?

    One of my favorite collections was the Sunshine Collection from Zoya.... doesn't seem it was the fav of many other bloggers, though.

  6. show and alias! wow! awesome polishes... :)

  7. glitter in the air was a major disappointment to me - too expensive and poor quality :-(


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