Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Duochrome cancer

I guess you could say I've got that. It's a malignant tumor growing in my heart, making it ache for duo- and multichrome polishes. And don't worry, I have some. And I'm still getting more. Like this, my second Chelsea polish - Tropic of Cancer.

Bottle shot first, because this polish shows up a little bit differently on the nail than it does look in the bottle. This photo was shot with my DSLR and isn't perfectly sharp, but it is color accurate.

Now, terrible compact camera shots:

Can you see the duochrome? Of course you can't.


It's tricky one, this. The shimmer is, I believe the typical pink to gold to green multichrome one, found in a variety of our most loved lacquers, but in this case, it's suspended in a deep blue base, which makes the nail look overall purple. And then, when angled - green. No gold on the nail, really, I guess the blue base kills it. And now for the really hard part, the eternal question: how many coats was this? I can't remember!!! Of course I can't. It's the story of my blogging life. And I only took it off a few days ago. Was it two? Was it three? Who knows. At least it was decent.

I tried to figure out when this polish was originally released, and when The Nailphile blogged about it in 2008 she called it a classic already, but I can't find anything older than that. Well, I guess looking for this one in other places than blog sales (I got this one from Gia) and on the bay of all evils is somewhat useless, but if you're a duochrome hoor like me... You'll probably do anything. It is an unusual duochrome shade.

Swedish words of the day:
kräfta -noun I cancer II crayfish
Kräftan -noun Cancer
I don't know which is suggested here.


  1. Gorgeous! I just picked this up the other day, can't wait to try it out =)



  3. Wow I LOVE that colour, but I HATE that name... :P


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