Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Psycho for Green


Sorry, there's just no other appropriate way to begin this post. Wait...


Look, this is what is getting me so excited:

Chelsea Psycho Green! Number six hundred and sixty six!

And I got sunlight too (and shortened nails):


Ok, so you got the message now, OK, OK, I get it.

Specifics? You want that too? Okay, this is two perfects coats of a perfect formula perfect super dark cool green with perfect hidden shimmer that perfectly comes out only in sunlight. Perfect. Oh, did I mention it's perfect?

I thought I'd never own this polish. It was rather well known back when I began my nail polish obsession, when bloggers who were big back then, such as the now sadly quiet The Polish Addict, wrote about it. I have no idea what kind of brand Chelsea is, but it's evidently American, and yes, you guessed it right, not available over here in good ol' Scandinavia. I haven't seen anyone blogging about Chelsea polishes in a long time - are they still around? Anyway, I got lucky. Gia had a blog sale, and I snatched it. (I bought some other pretties too, but you'll get to see those later.) I do not regret this. Not only is it green, it's a good green. No, a really good green. A dark, vampy green with the good type hidden shimmer.

I also noted that when I get really excited about a polish, two things typically happen: my photos turn out really good, and I forget to do one of my standard shots. Well, I hope you still get the splendour of this, my new darling, my Chelsea Psycho Green.

Swedish word of the day:
psyko -noun psycho
Apparently psycho green polishes makes me just that.


  1. Haha sometimes certain polishes make you a bit crazy :)

  2. You rock it, too!

    I miss Polish Addict a lot, she started me on this obsession, boy and how!!!

    I know I will never find this polish, so it's great to see wonderful photos!!!

  3. This is just an amazing shade!

  4. This is a very nice shade with a FANTASTIC name (and a fun serial number, lol!). I've never seen it before and I've never heard this brand, but I want it so bad now! :D

  5. AWESOME!!! :D It's so exciting to get a long time lemming! I am the exact opposite with photos though, it's so awful - if I am in love with a polish I take hundreds of photos because I feel like none are good enough, lol! I end up taking better photos of polishes I'm not mega-crazy about because I don't put as much pressure on myself. I need to start doing the opposite! Enjoy your new green pretty! <3

  6. very nice looks almost black..

  7. o.O I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! It's such a perfect set of everything! I love the name and the colour and and and ... need it.

  8. Wow!!! I love how dark it is! GORGEOUS!!

  9. I have been wanting this forever! I remember Chelsea from the early days of my polish blogging experience, I think they closed up shop and nobody knew why. If I remember right someone actually googled their address, because the phone wasn't working, and went by there, and everything was gone. (If I'm remembering right!) Sad, really.
    Anyway, I think this was one of the most popular colors, because it's SO cool, and I'm glad you nabbed it! It's GORGEOUS.

  10. I also don't know what happened to Chelsea polishes. But living where I do, Wet & Wild is rare to find even! I would say this was a good one to nab from the blog sale! The new shorter nails look great! I really like that length or a bit shorter myself.


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