Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Readers' choice: Kleancolor Winter Wonderland

I couldn't stay away, so I squeezed in some time for swatching today, between breakfast and taking the kid to see the small Viking age style farm with animals and stuff. I had more than one request for Kleancolor Winter Wonderland, so here it is. Although it's definitely the wrong time of year!

Stuffed in below somewhere is a photo with this sheer white with glitter at one coat only (on terribly stained nails), both for reference and for those of you who might prefer it that way.

Three coats. Silvery white shimmer with multicolored glitter. Can you count how many different colors? I'm not even going to give it a go! Another completely awesome glitter from Kleancolor. Or, does it look like herpes?

Though, be aware of the following: 1. it is rather sheer, 2. it is also rather slow drying, 3. it recquires drying time in between coats, 4. it needs drying time before any cleanup attempt, 5. the shimmer is heavy, so cleanup on skin is quite a bit of work, and 6. it really is rather sheer, so use this one as a layering glitter over a silver or similar if you're uncomfortable with visible nail line (even though the glitter effectively disguises any), or if you're in a hurry!

Not for the work shy, obviously, but if you don't mind putting in some extra effort, I think this one might be worth owning. If you're into the whole herpes glitter thing.

Winter Wonderland swatches were requested by both Helga and Estelle. Remember that you can always send in requests for swatches of polishes that haven't yet been featured on the blog - go to the "collection" page just under the blog header to scroll through available polishes, and submit requests via either email, twitter or MakeupAlley!

Swedish word of the day
underland -noun wonderland
They come in different imagery for different people!


  1. Gorgeous! I love glitter herpes, haha.

  2. Big fat NEED on this one!

  3. Pretty! It looks like my floor after we take the tree down... Lots of different glitters from ornaments!

  4. Warn me all you want--I still think I need this one. I'm not a fan of "spilled black pepper" glitter but this makes me think of confetti on the floor after a fun party.

  5. Beautiful. It looks different than some of my silverish glitters that have tons of colors in them. Not sure what it is yet. I have to look harder. Like the deep red background on the blog page by the way!

  6. I think I like this. It's very unique.

  7. I loooove this! I bought it but haven't used it yet!

  8. I've really been eyeing this one and it looks wonderful on you~

  9. Hahaha, I should have been reading your blog first! I was trying Winter Wonderland yesterday but I'm way to impatient! It wouldn't dry. Even when I thought now it's dried I recognize while I was walking the dogs that it didn't wanted to stay on my nails;) I love the color but the drying time drives me crazy!

  10. Yey! Now you made me want it even more!

  11. Extavagant herpes! Jag älskar det :)

  12. Inte så herpesigt ändå. Ganska fint. Jag har funderingar på denna men har inte fattat mitt slutgiltiga beslut ännu.

  13. Newbie läsare som behöver lite hjälp/tips?!
    Måste bara få fråga dig en sak (du som är ganska insatt i det här med olika nagellack och märke på dem osv)
    Vet du några flera märken på nagellack som gör flake nagellack ?
    Jag vet bara om nubar och nfu oh samt Kleancolor !
    Men vet du eller någon annan av dina läsare om det finns flera märken som gör flake nagellack ?
    (som är lättare att få tag på och som kanske finns i Sverige)
    Uppskattar verkligen alla tips om du har några ??

  14. Herpes!


    Not really. But this polish is awesome.
    Come enter my glitter giveaway!!! Milani Gold and Silver FX plus more glitter!


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