Thursday, June 2, 2011

Space definitions

Since I'm once again fairly nubbinized after last weekend's workshifts, I'm back with my vampy polishes. This is what I'm wearing right now.

First: NYX Girls Deep Space.

Three coats. Fairly sheer black base wth golden and purple flecks. Looks a little more dense in the bottle, but is still very nice on the nails. Unfortunately it's sheer enough to not fully cover free edges even after the third coat, so there's a bit of see through effect on my pinky (which is always my longest free edge because I like to keep all nails the same absolute length).

Nice enough on its own, but then I saw a bottle of glitter, and knowing it would be too sheer to rock on its own, I just coated it on top. Let's have a look at Sally Hansen Night Lights, a pretty one I got from my dear friend Teresa.

One thin coat on top of the NYX Girls. You can tell from the low light picture that it's decently blingy even away from direct sunlight, which is always a pro. I've debated with myself whether the blingy parts of the glitter (there's also non-blingy ordinary silver glitter) are prisms or small holographic glitter, but considering the way this lacquer looks in the bottle, I'm leaning against holographic. But could be prismatic. You know. Sometimes you just can't tell. (Though to my eye, it seems like prismatic glitters are more unusual these days - sadly, because I like prisms better than holographic glitter.)

Well, Deep Space might not be a depiction of your average opinion of space imagery, but perhaps we just don't look into the deep space enough. However, Sally Hansen translates my personal space imagery into night lights - which I guess is a fairly acceptable view, if you live in a big city - whereas to me it's a sky full of stars. Or... Maybe the Sally people are watching the night from the ground, not from above? I wouldn't know.

Swedish word of the day:
natthimmel -noun night sky
Something you may be able to see if you don't live close to an airport, like I do...


  1. Love the sally hansen one! Anything prismatic or holographic is great by me!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful colour! Maybe you could check out my nail-blog too? I'm not so good as you are, but I learn something everyday!


  3. Deep Space är en av min mammas favoriter i vampy-ligan och jag har också alltid Night Lights som layering. Jag är dock inte så förtjust i något av dessa lacken av någon anledning. Snygga på dig, som vanligt, men min upplevelse av dem är mer blah.


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