Friday, March 11, 2011

H&M and their spelling errors

A quickie Friday post for you - Turqouise from H&M. Yes, that's right. They misspelled it last summer as well, and now again - they just can't spell turquoise even if their lives depended on it. This one is also in their Hello Kitty line, and came out with an equally pastel-ish pink (that I didn't get).

Three coats, due to slight sheerness. The limited edition polishes of H&M are, as I've pointed out before, made in Turkey, as opposed to the core line bottles that contain product made in France, and aren't of as good quality. But they usually work out, and there's no real trouble with this one either, it's just not as pigmented. It's a nice color though, borderlining pastel, but a bit brighter. Nice for spring, but not revolutionary in any way.

Swedish word of the day:
turkos -adjective turquoise
The swedish spelling is a whole lot simpler, indeed.


  1. Haha, so bad that they're still spelling it wrong! But I kinda like the color.

  2. They probably have the same proof-reader as last year! Either way, it's a pretty color.

  3. pretty colour, shame they don't check the spellings

  4. It may be the photo or my monitor, but the colour looks like ChinaGlaze's "For Audry".
    Everyone was all worked up about For Audry, but when I got it and put it on, I was REALLY disappointed. It looked nothing like I thought it would. To me, it looks like bathroom cleanser. I've worn it all of twice.

    That's pretty amazing about the spelling error. Perhaps they do it on purpose for some legal reason?

    You always have the pretties photos!
    Keep up the lovelies!! :D

  5. Great color, but 3 coats are a no-no for me. I'm spoiled. =D

    P.S: Your nails look amazing. What's your secret?

  6. I like the color but I'm sure I have something similar since I must own ALL Turquoise! XD

  7. Medusae: I had the same thought, and quickly compared the bottles to one another. And while they're compeating in the same group, they're not interily identical. But for someone who isn't into these colors in particular, there's no need to own both. And thank you so much for your praise!

    nihrida: Biotin and the discontinued Soft Touch from Lush! ;)

    Evil Angel: You know that package..? When it comes, sometime in the future, it will contain this one. ;) (haz already bought for love.)


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