Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello Turquoise Kitteh

Found a gem last time I went down to my local H&M. Look at this cute bottle:

Turquoise Kitty. (Spelled turquise on the bottle though.) Not only is it a very pretty, bright shade of turquoise, it also has sparse silver micro glitter. Like really micro. Think Orly Goth glitter style, but tinier. So. Cute.

See the lovely micro glitter here?! I love it. I love it!

So, of course it turns out it's apparently such a bright color that it won't stick to my camera lens. Funny, doesn't look like it in the bottle... It's mostly blue, but bordering on turquoise enough to be called one. It also appears a bit different in different lightings, and under fluorescent light it just looks blue.

The swatch photos have been color corrected, except for the one where my boring school book shows (lotsa Swedish words of the day!). The color is darker and definitely not as washed out as it looks in the photos. The bottle photo shows the most accurate color, actually- and that photo hasn't had any color correction either.

I'm seriously starting to doubt my camera skills. Maybe I'm wrong about the saturation and over-brightness of this season's polishes, maybe I'm the real culprit here? Or do I have the most crappy camera in the universe? If so, my not so cheap DSLR is just as crappy, I guess... Either way so many polishes have been so hard to capture lately, that it's almost pointless trying. Maybe I just need some sleep.

Also, my nails get the big chop-chop on sunday night. Monday afternoon I'm back in the ass-wiping business. This time in a different location, in the private sector. I'll be working with old ladies and gents suffering from more or less severe dementia. I'm sure it will be interesting, but I'll also most likely be very tired, and have little to no energy left when I get home from work. So blogging may be happening less often for the three weeks I'll be doing this. However, I'll try to post little manicures or even off-topic posts every once in a while, and I hope you'll stick with me, or at least return when I'm back in full force!

The preparations have already begun, and I have replaced my septum ring with a U-shaped retainer, as well as removed my largest ball closure rings from my earlobes (four of them). I'm clinging on to my nails for as long as possible though...

Swedish word of the night:
värmebölja -noun heat wave
Because we're having a tiny one right now- by Scandinavian standards, that is...


  1. I WANT that Now!!!!!!!
    And pffffttttt your pictures rock!

  2. i think the work you do is super important, and i admire you for doing it! also, i think i need turquoise kitty!

  3. oh i have much love for this!

  4. åh, stod och fingrade på denna häromdan (och den rosa) men avstod att köpa pga av pengabrist. tror nog jag måste köpa den så fort jag får pengar :DD

  5. What a fabulous find *jealous* I will always enjoy seeing your nail pictures whether they are short or long worries! :)

  6. Love the polish and the bottle is adorable :)
    I thought I was the only one having problems with taking pictures for color accuracy. lol!!! I need to go to picture taking school :)

  7. cute bottle and even cuter color!

  8. I saw this polish in the H&M last week...and didn't but it. Now I've seen you pictures I'm sorry I did!

  9. jättefint!

    Did you see all the people in H&M clamouring for the Action for Aids stuff - I briefly considered it, then decided I couldn't be bothered.

    Kanske jag ska köpa hello kitty, so pretty

    (sorry for swinglish, I'm trying to learn swedish >.<)

  10. Good luck with the work over the next 3 weeks, hope you still manage to get a few posts in!

  11. What a gorgeous color!
    Good luck with the ''bussiness''.

  12. That's so pretty! Great pictures :)

  13. Wow that's gorgeous! Looks great on you!
    Sooo cute bottle.. <3

  14. Trist att du måste klippa ner naglarna, de är så himla fina. Men i och för sig, förra gången du gjorde det var de ju fina ändå. Du har snygg form i grunden liksom.

    Fint nagellack också.

  15. En sak som är ganska intressant med detta lacket, förutom hur förbannat snyggt det är, är att det innehåller 16 ml för 29.50:-. Det är ungefär dubbelt så mycket lack för pengarna som det brukar vara när det gäller deras Kitty-lack.

  16. Ohhh det gillar jag, ser en massa fina lack från H&M nu på sista tiden i bloggar. Måste in och kika :)

  17. Sorry, all, for replying so late to all your comments! <3

    Evil Angel: You know it. ;)

    jbrobeck: Thank you! <3 Actually, it is kinda fun... These old ladies and gents have senses of humor, I'll tell you! :)

    krex: Tycker jag du ska. ;D Den är fin!

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! <3 I have short nail manicures in the pipeline, brewing... ;)

    rmcandlelight: Oh man, I'm working SO HARD on the color accuracy thing all the time! And it is SO HARD to get it right! Sure, there are plenty of bloggers who take crappier pics when it comes to color accuracy, but I'm never satisfied with my own work. It's something Gemini I think... xD

    polishis: I think it's not too late! :) At least not around here.

    Emybloom: Du är alltså inte svensk? Du är jätteduktig iaf, hade nog inte gissat på någon av dina kommentarer att du inte tycker dig behärska svenska. :)Missed out on all the AIDS stuff, maybe because I live in not so glamorous Upplands Väsby! xD

    Rebecca: I believe so, and I have days off when I will enjoy nail polish as usual! :D

    nihrida: Thank you honey! <3

    Nea: Thank you! :)

    Steelnpurple: Thank you sweetie! <3

    Sminkan: Tackartackar, tror jag! :D Jag är väl själv bara måttligt förtjust i mina "nubbins", men det är bara att bita ihop. Lite Biotin så funkar allt sedan. (Utom nagelbanden som fortf är helt förstörda efter förra praktikperioden.)

    schmut: Jag vet! Ibland känns det som att H&M är mer bekymrad över designen på sina flaskor än hur man bäst fyller innehållet i en. Standardlacken kostar ju 39,50 för 9 ml, så det är nästan dubbelt så mycket för en tia mindre här. Bara att tacka och ta emot och hoppas de släpper fler färger på sådana här flarror.

    Honi: Rekommenderar varmt H&Ms lack, faktiskt. :)

  18. Psst, hur likt är detta egentligen U must have this? Jag har inte det men har fått för mig at de borde vara nära syskon

  19. This is what scares me going into nursing...losing my nails!

  20. *sigh* very pretty! I wish H&M carried their polish in North America!


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