Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's You!

Still no wit. This is It's You! from Misa.

What a disappointment. In theory fucking awesome, charcoal, gunmetal grey base with duochrome shimmer, shifting from teal green to a pale pink. Which is really hard to tell. It mostly just disappears in the grey. In the dark. Also, the greenish flash is impossible to capture on camera, but you can sense it in some spots in my photos. Maybe.

I would have loved if this one worked out. The way it is, it's just another grey shimmer.

Swedish word of the day:
skjutvapen -noun firearm


  1. On the second photo - *drool*

  2. Those are some amazing pictures! The polish is on my wishlist but nothing I'm gonna exert myself over, if it appears in the local shops I'm gonna get, if not, that's fate. :)

  3. Oh cmon hun! That's beautiful!
    Maybe try this one again when the sun is out ? ;)

    I hope you feel better soon!

  4. I just picked this one up...haven't worn it yet...hope I get different results because, you're right, in the bottle it's amazing!
    I also hope you smiled a couple times today. :)

  5. I think it is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Det ser ju, som alltid, fantastiskt ut på dina bilder. Jag tycker dock inte Misas lack ur senaste kollektionen känts så lockande. De är, som du säger, bättre i teorin än de verkar vara på naglarna.

  7. Hm, jag blir inte klok på detta lack. På bilderna där man ser lite färgskiftningar ser det fantastiskt ut, men på andra bilder bara tråkigt jämngrått. Himla snygga bilder som vanligt, önskar jag kunde fota som du... :-)

  8. Another mostly collective answer! I'm kind of glad that you see things in there that I at the moment don't. It gives me hope. :) Also, I'm super flattered that I'm obviously able to make something look tempting, even if I failed loving it myself. You guys rock, for picking me up when I feel useless! <3


    Elizabeth: That comment made me smile. :) I guess that's something!

    Sminkan och NailsbyNoir: Tack tjejer, för att ni av någon outgrundlig anledning boostar mig med fotoberöm. :) Och glöm inte att övning ger färdighet. ;) Jag har delvis passionerat och perfektionistiskt amatörfotat diverse objekt de senaste 15 åren. Mina första nagelbilder är verkligen hemska, och de togs för inte ens två år sedan!


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