Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm on crack(le)

This one isn't new, but I wanted to post it anyway, since it's basically made of awesomeness. This is Yellow Crew, the yellow crackle polish, from IsaDora's Graffiti Nails collection.

How wicked. The base is this manicure, except the ring finger, which was also lucky enough to get to try one of the new H&M polishes, Envy Me, that I'll have to show you some day.

I have ended up liking these crackle polishes way more than I initially believed I would. I have to admit, that one of of the pros is how much attention they get. Usually, I'm a modest girl who shy away from compliments, but when it comes to my nails... You know I like to talk about nail polish, right? Also, my significant other is very intrigued wih these, and although I don't really care what he thinks, it is a whole lot of fun when he thinks my nails are! And these are fun. Period.

Also, if you missed out on Cammi's post, check it out!

Swedish word of the day:
spricka -noun crack


  1. This is awesome! This one was actually the only one i could find when i was in germany AND I PUT IT BACK. How stupid am i, oy oy.

    Looks hot on you!

  2. so pretty!
    i've never tried a polish like this before

  3. Haha, this looks fucking awesome!

  4. I've fallen in love with these graffti polishes. I think I've raved about them so much that no one wants to read my blog anymore :D Haven't used the yellow one yet though

  5. You crack(le)head! Haha. This is one of the mest crackle manis I've ever just cracked in all the right places! Very cute!

  6. wow! i have never seen such mani before! it's awesome! i love it!!!!

  7. I did almost exact same combination quite some time ago. ;) And right now I'm wearing purple base with Subway green - also a nice but more subtle combination.
    I love Graffiti nails polishes! I just regret not buying more when I had the chance (but these are just too expensive, aren't they?). :(

  8. Michèle: Nooooo... How COULD you?! ;) In a way I understand you. I initially thought I was going to pass on all of these, but somehow I now own more than one..?! O.o Have you managed to find any? :)

    Maestra: Green and purple is a very nice combination. :) And yes, they are horribly expensive- I never buy IsaDora these days, it's just not worth it IMO, they're like $10 for 6 ml/0.2 oz, pretty much robbery! But I accidentally got some of these crackle ones... Umm...


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