Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to life!

...Or am I? Working like crazy still. I'll spend my sunday off, but then it'll be all work and no play for the alizarine for another two weeks. No, three, actually.

Luckily, I believe you have now been acquainted with my spanking new guest, or perhaps co-blogger, Cammi! And it feels se weird talking about her as my guest, because it's her damn fault I'm into polish! First I bought an OPI, then Cammi offered to tell me everything she knew. And soon I had sunk so deep there was no getting up again... So, really, I still feel somewhat like a guest in her world! Life is strange. But I'm very happy to have her here, and honestly a bit relieved, because that means there's still a chance you get to see something new when you click yourselves into this space, even if I'm too busy to have time to sleep even!

Let's get on to the real reason why you're here. Like I mentioned yesterday, I got very anxious to put on the new Essence Back to Paradise I had from Roze, therefore I can now present these photos:

Look! So shiny you can almost see my mirror image! Sorry about the little bubbles though, I was in such a happy hurry I put on these three coats of jelly awesomeness, and the Diamont topcoat, in pretty much no time. The reason why my nails look so thick is because my manicure had barely surface dried when I rushed to get the camera.

This beautiful shade was all and more that I had wished it to be! When I first saw it I knew I had to have it. And I'm so glad I got it, because this is love. Love love love. Love!

And you know what? It reminds me a lot of my first successful franken.

Also a very jellyish teal green, which I eventually named Shady Spruce.

Loved that one, love this one, love shades like these, love jellies.

Now, all I have to say is this. NARS Zulu - go fuck yourself! (OK, not really. I still want Zulu. But not as much as I wanted Essence Back to Paradise.)

Swedish word of the day:
barr -noun needle
Because spruces are full of them. But is paradise..?


  1. that color is awesome! i *think* roze got it for me too but I can never remember. she is awesome, isn't she? *whispers* i like your franken better!

  2. your nails are so long!
    I loved your franken :)

  3. I prefer the Essence of Zulu really :) that's all because of your gorgeous pics!

  4. Love it! I grabbed this one up before it was gone from the displays. It's very shiny in person and has so much depth.

  5. jbrobeck: How can you NOT remember a color like this?! :D It's tdf! O.o Roze is the super lovely! <3 And my franken... It has hidden shimmer, can you see it? :D It wsn't supposed to be there tough, my bottle was just contaminated. LOL

    Sarah B.: Yes, I had very long nails for a while before I began my career as an ass wiper. :(

    chocaddict: And I thought these photos were so bad! :D Glad that you like them at least. :) And yes, teal leaning greens are even beter than Zulu colored ones. ;)

    PenelopePitstopKYD: It is!

    nihrida: Yesss. Hasn't it been available in Slovenia? :/

    Allison: Very much so! It is so close to perfection IMO that it's almost ridiculous. :)


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