Thursday, July 22, 2010

Super funky fame!

You remember my Vollare Roxy 353 manicure, right? Look what I did to it.

My two coats of the Vollare with one coat of NYX Girls Fame on top! I know, I know, my kitchen sink is the closest I get to a lightbox, okay? I haven't topcoated this manicure yet, hence the bumbiness. Still. Pretty.

But it wasn't enough. I had dragged out another bottle along with Fame, because I had a certain look in mind.

Two coats of NYX Girls Super Funk on top of all the rest. Nice, huh? It even caught the attention, in a positive way, of the elders I'm attending for a living. A 93 year old lady exclaimed "The colors!!!". If it means anything, she has a past in the clothing business. Still. Pretty.

Super Funk was a bit hard to apply though, as it has a lot more clear bulk and therefore you may have to try to pick out the glitter and do multiple layers if you want more than just two or three dots of the smallish glitter pieces. Still. Totally worth it.

Swedish word of the day:
rymd -noun space
For no particular reason. Or..?


  1. that is gorgeous! I really love those 2 polishes together!

  2. That is the hotness woman!

  3. Reminds me of the new Lippmann colors. Hot!

  4. droooools!! hotness!! wish I was not so lazy..hate removing glitter!!

  5. Wow! It looks like space :)).

  6. I love this mani! So pretty.

  7. I just died a little. That is gorgeous!

  8. I love it! *adds both NYX Girls to cart*

  9. Love it...gorgeous!

    No worries about the kitchen sink, I just discovered the perfect light box in my bathroom!LMAO!


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