Sunday, July 18, 2010

A brave new brand

At least for me! This is another one from the beautiful package Saša sent me, Vollare Roxy 353. After I had carefully gone through all the beauties as I unpacked, this one was calling my name the most. As so often with me, it's the polishes I didn't expect to get, or even knew existed, that really grabs my attention. And this Vollare polish... The bottle seemed full of beauty!

Can you disagree? This is two coats of this wonderful fluid, and even though it was a bit tricky applicationwise, it was worth it. Oh man do my nails glitz! The base is actually more aubergine colored, but the shimmer seems to be of a bluetoned glassfleck kind, and it's heavy enough to transform the polish entirely.

I'm so glad Saša decided to gift me this one. Thank you honey!

Swedish word of the day:
äggplanta -noun eggplant
But most Swedes use the word aubergine for this veggie.


  1. Ohh it's so prettyy ^.^

  2. Never heard of the brand before, but that is a beautiful color. :-)

  3. I'm so glad you like it! I actually bought it for myself months ago, but then I got the strangest urge to send it to you. I guess my guts were right. =)

  4. this is exactly my kind of color!

  5. Nailtastic: It's apparently a Polish brand- please correct me if I'm wrong, nihrida!

    nihrida: And your guts were! :D Love you! for so many reasons- this is just one of them. ;)

    jbrobeck: Mine too! :D


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