Monday, July 19, 2010

Moon over me and confessions of a nail junkie

This is yet another one of those posts containing a not very exciting NOTD of the past. Well, I sure did enjoy this one, but blogging about it may not be all that essential. Or at least that is what I sometimes think at first, when I download photos from my camera. Then I think, what the heck, some people will find this interesting too. And why not show the crowd that I can rock diversity! So here is a pale and milky sheer.

OPI Moon Over Mumbai. The light grey sheer with the slight, almost hidden, shimmer. On the day of wear, my town was smothered in clouds, so that shimmer isn't too obvious in my documentation.

Yes, sometimes I enjoy a nice sheer. This one still has a bit of an edge to it, since it's not your average pink or peach french style sheer, but that cool, marble like grey.

Some of you may have noticed the shape of my nails lately. I have one curvy gel nail left, on my index, the other nails are back to something that may remind of natural nails. Of course my nails are somewhat damaged after wearing gels, it is hard to avoid the damage, especially when you are one of those impatient people who won't do things properly even though you should know better.

In this photo, the damages have managed to stay well concealed, but in reality they were quite visible through this polish. I just needed something clean and crisp after all that maintenance.

Why did I keep my index gel? Well, that was the one that was built on top of a fake tip, and the one that lasted better than any else on me. The reason for the fake tip was the typical close-to-nailbed break. So I'll just let that one recover in peace for a little while longer...

Swedish word of the night:
måne -noun moon
Because it is a rather beautiful word...


  1. Catching a glimpse of the photo, I thought the nails looked like teeth.

    Hope your nails get all better quickly. You sure are making them look beautiful!

  2. I love wearing white/pink sheers every once in a while.
    I was going to use a sheer white yesterday but the polish was so runny and taking ages to dry I just took it off ( and threw the polish away...).

    It has been sometime you had the gel nails? Or do your nails grow in the speed of light? :)

    The gel nail is barely noticeable;)

  3. Elsker denne lakken! Den er kjempefin på deg :)) Håper neglene dine blir bedre snart (jeg hadde good effekt av CND Toughen Up etter at jeg fjernet akryl fra neglene mine).

  4. Is it sad that I'm not sure if I have this or not? lol Either way, I hope I do! It looks lovely on you :)

  5. Det där är ett lack jag funderat på att köpa sen det kom men fortfarande inte har. Varje gång jag blir påmind om det så känner jag att jag måste se till att få hem det snart, men sen glömmer jag bort det i den allmänna lackyra som ständigt verkar råda hemma hos mig. Det är mycket vackert!

  6. Kimberly: That is hysterically funny! xD Why didn't I think of that..?

    Sarah B.: I ripped them off about a week ago I believe, and my natural nail is of course heavily compromised, for various reasons. :/

    alluring_mum: Tack så mycket! :) Jag gillar inte CND så mycket, men har tidigare haft bra effekt av NailTek Citra-serien och kan varmt rekommendera den också!

    Jen: You should go look for it. ;)

    Sminkan: Gissa hur länge jag hade den i lådan med oprövade lack? xD Tycker sådna här färger är snyggast på rätt långa naglar annars - en åsikt jag har om ganska många lacktyper, så jag väljer bort en massa varianter just nu. :/

  7. Det är intressant det där med vilka lack man väljer när man har längre respektive kortare naglar. Jag gillar t.ex turkost och blått på längre naglar medan gult är snyggast på kortare, alla fall på mina händer. Den här typen av färger har jag nog ingen sådan bestämd uppfattning om. Dessutom ser dina naglar alltid länga och snygga ut.

  8. Haha they really do look like teeth! :D It makes me want to wear my Time-less is more.

  9. Sminkan: Dito! ;D Jag har ju typ nubbins jämt nuförtiden, dina är alltid exemplariska. :)


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